Sidewalks Lab to Ease Traffic in Columbus
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Sidewalks Lab to ease traffic in Columbus

To improve the public transportation system in Columbus, Ohio, Google’s sister company, Sidewalks Lab has taken responsibility. The city was selected after it won the Obama administration’s national competition to ease traffic issues.

Cloud-based transportation data will be used to ease the traffic flow in the city by providing better access to parking spaces and public buses. This will be followed by ride-sharing and providing more access to low-income communities. Moreover, with the deployment of autonomous vehicles, the traffic will be more flexible.


With the collaborative effort of seven finalists in the smart city challenge and Sidewalks Lab, the project will leverage Flow. Flow is about using analytics and data to correlate the cities and its citizens which help in facilitating drivers to parking space. Other utilizes are to find shared riding when public transportation is not an option.


The final plan is yet to arrive after a lot of discussion and research. Columbus will try to take the maximum advantage of smart city benefits. The people of the city have great expectations from Sidewalks lab, to provide an integration of technology and better plannings. It has been expected to the deployment of the multimodal system and replaces big vehicles with solo riders.

So, the traffic lights will also be taken into consideration. The inflow and outflow of a number of vehicles will be taken into account. Hence, the rhythm and flow will be maintained effectively for smooth flow of traffic.It will be a time taking process but at the end will be helpful for the city.


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