Wolf Haircut Is a Trendy Re-imagining of the Shag & its here to stay
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It’s the Wolf Haircut Is a Trendy Re-imagining of the Shag and it’s here to stay

The expression “history is repeating its own story” is never more relevant in the realm of beauty and fashion. Consider the shag hairstyle for instance — this iconic cut has come back into the spotlight since the 1970s, when some of the most popular female stars were sporting this huge hairstyle, which was choppy and sloppy. Oh, Farrah Fawcett.

Hairstyles with shags are back however, with a contemporary twist. The wolf haircut is a popular style and has been popularly worn by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish as well as Keke Palmer.

The shag haircut has been in fashion since the beginning of summer vax girls, hair stylists from the world of fashion say that the wolf haircut is the most current version of this style and will keep attracting attention in the fall.

So, what is it that makes the wolf’s haircut so unique? It gives us all the nostalgia we long for but with an updated twist. It’s akin to a mullet, however we guarantee it’s much more stylish than the typical “business on the front gathering in back” haircut that you’re most likely familiar with. This style is more trendy with layers and has a totally Rockstar style that anyone could wear.

What is an Wolf Haircut?

“The hairstyle wolf is a combination of an old shag and a slender mullet” famous hairstylist Sarah Potempa and founder of The Beach waver Co. tells IN Style. “Essentially it’s a combination of two different styles (the shag from the 1970s and the 1980s hairstyles like mullet) and combining them into a modern-day style.”

One of the hallmarks that distinguish this style is its size and layers numerous layers. Nick Stenson, celebrity hairstylist and Matrix artistic director, has said that the choppy look and lack of blending in the layers is the key to a wolf-like haircut. The typical wolf cut will have smaller layers on high-up on the head, to increase the volume and texture, while adding more layers at the back, according to Potempa. The result is an unfinished, edgy messy rocker style.

A famous stylist as well as Matrix brand ambassador Sharon Spellman, says that it’s a gender-neutral cut which can be customized in a variety of ways based on your personal preferences. “My best advice is to be prepared about how you’d like your hair cut, and also indicate whether you’d like to have layers, or not as many layers, and the volume,” she says.

Do wolf hair cuts work For all hair Types?

“The hairstyle of the wolf is likely appear better for someone who wants more body and volume which is why people with thick hair love this style, however, it can be worn by any hair type if seeking more volume in the hair you have,” claims Lovett Candice the hairstylist of the famous.

But, Stenson says, if you’re not one for hair that is bouncy and has a “lived-in look,” this may not be for you. “If you’re interested in an edgier hair style and are looking for a unique method to make your hair look more interesting Try it,” he says. This haircut is suitable for any length of hair. It is, however, Pompeo says it’s important to remember that if have hair that is shorter the result will appear like a tangled mess.

How to Style an wolf Haircut?

There are a myriad of ways to make a wolf hairstyle, dependent on the texture of your hair. For those who have natural curly hair or with wavy curls this haircut is great to highlight your hair’s texture. Stenson says that all you’ll require to do is apply a conditioner that is left in, and let your hair air dry to create the most fun, smooth appearance. Since these hair types tend to be dryer and brittle, you might want to spray them with a product like one such as the Matrix Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment Spray to control the frizz that could be causing.

If you have hair that is fine and straight You may require the assistance of other hair products and equipment to achieve that smooth appearance. “If you are prone to having flat hair, use an instrument that heats, such as Beachwaver S1.25 ($129, beachwaver.com), Beach waver S1.25 ($129, beachwaver.com) to create slight bends that add texture to the hair,” says Pompeo. Once you’ve made waves you could use dry shampoo to give it the volume, and sea salt or spray for texturizing to make the appear more like beach waves.

You could also go for a an enormous, bouncy blowout using this haircut, since there’s no set of rules for making a wolf cut. It’s about fun, and playing with fresh concepts. “Styling the cut of the wolf is enjoyable because it allows you to alter your look depending on the how you style it,” Candice says. Candice. “You can take the ends off and give it that gorgeous blow-dried look , or you can make it pop with an iron and give it the Miley look she’s been cruising around with.”

The Best Haircuts for Wolf:

We now are aware of what a wolf hairstyle is Here are some ideas photos you can bring to your next appointment for hair.

The most famous cuts of wolves we have seen can be Miley Cyrus’ cut , which is a great example of how the tinier and more messy the cut, the more effective.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice your hair but you do not have to go for a wolf-like haircut.

Curly hair and the wolf cut look as peanut butter meets jelly. It’s an ideal match.

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