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Jameson Green Tea – Best Solution To all Your Stress

It is well known to all of us that life these days is so hectic. Even children in their adolescence face the issues like adults. So, everyone wants few minutes of his/her daily life to enjoy their free or say me time. They want at that time there is no one around them whom they don’t want to talk to. So, the best way to spend that me-time is to prepare a cup of green tea and arrange some seating in the special place of their house. And try to figure out the things that where are they losing. This will prove to be the biggest throttle to their hopes and once again they are ready to go for achieving the dreams.

But the problem is some of you don’t know about the making of teas. So, we are going to tell you the things that how to make the Jameson Green Tea Shot to remove your stress. The only thing you have to do is to prepare it and then enjoy it your way.

What is Jameson Green Tea?

A green tea shot

is a type of cocktail which is quite similar to whisky. It is made up of generally four ingredients. And Jameson green tea is one of the best things to kick off all your stress and it is a very smooth and interesting thing in taste. And I bet you if you haven’t tasted the green tea then you are going to like it a lot.


The ingredients used in making the Jameson Green tea are not very delicate. You are going to get it from any cocktail place if you are in the city area. The ingredients are;

#1.  Jameson Irish Whisky: One of the best whisky brands in the market. And in the Indian market, it costs nearly 2400 rupees per bottle. The whisky is a blend of Pot still and Delicate grain whiskeys mixed with the nuttiness of casks. The fragrance of the Whisky is balanced by the vanilla of bourbon casks. In India, if you want to buy this then you can buy it online from the official site of Jameson.

#2. Sweet and Sour mix: The next thing is this. It is a type of mixer which is yellow in color and is mainly used in cocktails to give color to them. It is mainly made with lemon juice or simple syrup mixed with ice. The main use of ingredients is to provide a smooth texture to the cocktail and also make it somewhat punky in taste.

#3. Peach Schnapps: The ingredient is used in the tea to give it a sweet texture or give some fruity twist. The ingredients main attraction is its twist giving nature. As the mixing of peach schnapps to cocktail makes it totally fun to taste. It gives the tea a sweet texture with the sourness of lime.

#4. Sprite: Sprite is a lemon-flavored drink, which is put into the cocktail to give it a little bit different taste. It also creates foam in the tea and makes it healthier for us. It is just a mixture of carbonic acid and sugar.

This is all about the ingredients used in the Jameson green tea for removing all your stress and boosts the mood.

How to Prepare the tea with these ingredients?

  1. First, take a shaker and put each ingredient in it in equal amounts.
  2. The next step is you have to put some ice in the shaker too. Close the lid and then rotate or shake the shaker with full throttle. So, that everything inside the shaker mixes well.
  3. Then in the end what you have to do is take little shot glasses and put the drink in them. And add some sprite or say lemonade to it. You are ready to enjoy the drink.

Sometimes this may possible that you haven’t like the taste of the Jameson tea shot. So, what you can do is that you can again put the drink into the shaker and this time what you have to do. Is to just shake it for few more minutes so the drink becomes more diluted and it becomes easy for you to take it easy. The diluted version of the drink is known by the name of “Martini”.

Is it actually Green Tea?

No, actually the drink is not tea. The drink contains alcoholic ingredients in it which make it pungier and liked by most people. But the reason behind the name is the lemonade used inside it, as lemon is the main ingredient of the green tea shot. So, just because of that feature everyone started calling it Jameson Green Tea Shot. But the work done by both the things is the same. Both things are used to swing the mood or give some relief from the stress.

So, if you are planning to go out for having a cocktail then you have to take one shot of it. You come to know the reason behind its popularity. Even I also liked the drink very much and I personally force you to go and enjoy one shot of it. I feel that you have enjoyed the words and you are going to enjoy the shot too after reading it. So, for now by let’s meet next time, with some more interesting topics for you.


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