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Mackie Entertainment – Talent Agency in Dubai for your Dreams

The great year for the art and the artists, 2008 is considered worth looking back. The year changes everything in the industry of entertainment and taught us so many lessons. And it is said that the understanding past is the best way to prepare for the future.

So, Mackie Entertainment is considered best to get inspiration from your past experiences and turn them into future success. That’s we are known as the Best Artist management companies in Dubai. We have a solely devoted team only for our future artists.

What’s this team all about?

As we know, at the start it’s just difficult to handle all the stuff by yourself in every field. So, for that, we need some assistance.


An artist needs help at every step of his life from the first script to the first on-stage performance.

For that Mackieentertainment is always with you. We are always here to help you with all the management problems. The very first part of the management is appointing a manager.

What manager does?

So, there is no precise description of the manager’s work. Everyone has his/her own prescription on this topic. The job of a manager depends on the situation in which an artist is dealing. The variety of jobs varies from image development, publicity, touring, recording, publishing, merchandising, etc.

Just based on these jobs the post of an artist manager is divided into four simple categories.

One is the personal manager post: Basically, the personal manager is like an advisor whose main profession is to see things from a different perspective than the band /artist and help to enact the master plan in the way it is planned. The major work of a personal manager is to make decisions without taking things personally. Things like labels, publishers, booking agents, publicists, music media, and promoters all are done by him.

Second, comes the Business Manager whose basic work is to manage all the business work from money matters to contracts.

Then comes the tour managers whose task is to final locations for shoots and all the stuff. And last but not the least that comes is the Road manager, whose work is to manage every minor aspect in the artist’s life.

The thing is., it’s not necessary that we need a separate person for all posts sometimes these are all the things handled by a single person or some agency like Mackie Entertainment.

The post is considered very important for an artist’s career. This can help an artist build best out of worst experiences or vice-versa. So, if an artist finds it difficult to reach his/her goal then he/she needs an experienced advisor.

Mackie Entertainment is one of the best in Dubai. With all these services Mackie Entertainment also deals in Advertising & Marketing Solutions in Dubai. So, If you are looking for a whole package to succeed as a great artist then is the best choice for you. You can contact us any time you want us we are always here to help you.

“So, don’t hesitate to show up your Talent to this world. One day this world will make you great.”

-Mackie Entertainment


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