Manali Hill Station - Location- Temple - Manali hill City - Old Manali
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About Manali Hill Station – Location- Temple – Manali Hill City – Old Manali

Manali hill station is the most unique hill station which stands most paragliding site in all over India. Manali is an outstanding Himalayan tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is administratively a part of the Kullu district. Manali has a noteworthy to Indian culture and patrimony as it is said to be the home of the Saptarshi, or Seven Sages. Manali is named after the Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Manu. The name Manali is regarded as the derivative of ‘Manu-Alaya’ which literally means ‘the abode of Manu’.


Location for Manali Hill Station

Manali Hill Station located at an altitude of 2,050 m (6,726 ft) in the Beas River Valley. It is located in the Kullu district, about 270 km (168 mi) north of the state capital, Shimla, 309 km (192 miles) northeast of Chandigarh, and 544 km (338 miles) northeast of Delhi, the federal capital.

Facts of Manali Hill Station

Some facet of Manali Hill Station, like Honeymoon trying to pose wearing ski gears rather than actually willing to try the fun of skiing. Add to that elder on some sort of minor pilgrimage to various temples in Manali, individual getting a holy dip in hot water springs, families bonding in picnic spots and many other images, and this hill city comes alive in front of eyes. Manali is famous for feat sports like skiing, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding

, rafting, trekking, and kayaking,. Yak skiing is a sport unique to this area.

Trekking at Manali

Manali snowfall is awesome where beauty meets spunk and events. So lay on your snow wear and indulge in delightful snow activities. And snowfall in Manali is like a cherry on the cake, presenting tourists with huge opportunities to play with snow. In winter snow-clad mountains turn into splendid ski slopes and zones of several snow sports. To traverse through the snowy-scapes of the city, the best time to visit Manali is from December to March.

Paramount Tourist Winsome in Manali

As the place would have its vogue, people can have varied savor- some appealing to the sense, others overshoot all imagination. The lingering serenity of a prayer place is a blessing. The silent watch of Nature over mere mortals in Manali and the wish to stay in here gets deeper. Following are ultimate places that begin from the premise of a pleasing trip here-

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple stands in a clearing in the cedar forest about 2km west of central Manali. These much-revered wood-and-stone mandir Pilgrims come from across India to honor Hadimba. We also called Hadimba Temple as Dhoongri temple and is staunch to Goddess Hadimba wife of mightiest of the five Pandavas – Bhim.

Himalayan Nyinmapa Buddhist Temple

Exhibiting a two-story statue of Shakyamuni (the historical Buddha) attracts people from everywhere irrespective of their religious faith.

Here a sign reminds visitors of the correct direction in which to walk around chortens (stupas): anti-clockwise.

Manu Maharishi Temple

The towered Manu Maharishi Temple is a modern construction near the top of Old Manali on a site where, legend says, the ark of the Noah-like Manu, the creator of civilization, landed after the great flood. The existence of the River Beas adds to its attraction.

Vashisht Temple Manali

Vashisht is a small village situated near River Beas. This beautiful village is famous for its sulfurous hot water springs and Vashisht temple, built just next to the springs.

Van Vihar Park

Van Vihar Park is a woodland of tall cedars with a children’s playground and a small pond for a boating experience, immediately south of the bus station.

Rahala Falls Manali

It is situated on the way to Rohtang Pass and whoever visits the Rohtang valley makes a halt at Rahala Falls to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The view of the place gives mental calm to the visitors and is really consciousness snatch.

Old Manali

The place is well known for holding onto some time away from the crowd which is the case of a new town. Special interests to tourists are Orchards just as the old guesthouses situate in the area.


Between Kullu and Manali lies a small village Naggar, which has an old castle of historical importance that is now converted to a hotel.

Solang Valley Manali

In Solang Valley, lot of snowfall so is also well-known as the ‘Snow Valley,’ which is prominent for hosting various winters adventure sports like skiing, parachuting, paragliding, trekking, and mountaineering.

Manali Nature Park

Manali Nature Park Encircled by large groves of Deodar trees, Rhesus Macaque, Sambar, Black Naped, tall cedar, the wildlife reserve is set on the bank of river Beas and is a pristine nature park.

Many snow-capped mountains are fringe in Manali natural park. In Manali Nature Park they will find some wild weird animals, then this is just a misconception. Here, you can catch only spot only small birds and mammals.


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