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Top 10 hot water spring In India – Himachal Pradesh Times

Hey everyone…The topic for today’s article is what are Hot Springs and then discuss some of the Indian Hot Springs.

So, let’s begin the topic with a brief introduction to the Hot springs.

What are Hot Water springs?

Hot springs are usually the places present on the earth where the emergence of Geothermally heated Groundwater rises from the Earth’s crust. These are like the small reservoirs of hot water. And it is seen that the temperature of some of such hot springs is found favorable for the human body and thus we humans have to convert those springs as the place for bathings, etc.

One of the benefits of these hot springs is that people used these places to relax and relieve stress. As it is scientifically proved that the bath with hot water results in the release of stress from the body. So, these are considered to be very interesting places to visit. And in India, these types of hot springs are also available. Today I am going to tell you some of these very famous springs where you can visit during the winter or even at the present times. Let’s start;

Hot springs in India:

1. #Panamik Ladakh:

The very beautiful present at the height of nearly 10442 feet above the sea in Nubra Valley of Ladakh. As we all know, Ladakh is already very famous for its outlooks like the wide mountains, beautiful valleys, beautiful people and scenery, etc. SO, this spring adds one more Majestic view to the place and makes it more interesting for travelers.


2. #ChumathangLadakh:

 Another beautiful place in Ladakh. The place is not so famous, only the enthusiasts visit this place with people from the village. The interesting part about the spring is that it is situated near the banks of the Indus River where we come to see the beautiful view of smoke coming out of water in the valley.

3. #Manikaran Himachal Pradesh:

 Manikaran is one of the most famous places in north India. The Manikaran hot spring is situated in the place name Parvati present in Kullu district of hp. The spring is also known by the name of the Sulphur spring and people used to visit this place very much. As there is a Sikh temple behind the place and as well as the place is itself present inside the temple. So, this is one of the best places to visit in the north if you love to go to devotional places.

4. #Kheerganga Himachal Pradesh:

One more spring also presents in the Himachal Pradesh In the same Kullu district known by the name of kheerganga. The best part about the place is that the place is situated on the top of the hill. So, what you have to do is a trek to the whole hill and then you are ready to enjoy the bath in Hot water spring. People from all over the world love to visit this place as the view around the place wins the heart.

5. #Vashisht Himachal Pradesh:

 The very famous hot water spring present in the Vashisht temple nearby Manali. The place consists of separate bathing areas for both men and women. The Interesting part about this hot spring is that this spring is known for its medicinal properties. With this, the mythological importance of the place makes it different from others and one of the most visited hot springs in Himachal Pradesh.

6. #Gaurikund Uttarakhand:

Kedarnath, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand as well as in India. The place is nearly at the height of 6000 feet which is a very big number. With these, the place has one more interesting reason which made it the most visited place in Uttarakhand is the Gaurikund Hot spring. The spring is the part of the Kedarnath trek and you come to find it on the way to the temple.

7. #Dhuni Pani, Madhya Pradesh:

 One of the most fascinating places to visit in MP. The place is not so famous and this is the best part of the spring that you come to see very few people there which will give you full access to enjoy the trip. To reach the destination you have to trek to Amarkantak from the dense forests and you will be going to enjoy lots of things on this trek.

8. #Reshi Hot Water Spring:

 The very beautiful place present in the Sikkim on the bank of the Rangeet River. The place is famous for the beautiful landscape around it as they are very much inspiring. Besides this, the place is also known for its medicinal properties of curing the disease of the skin.

9. #Jakrem:

 The place attracts the attention of a lot of tourists and is located in Shillong. The reason for its popularity is that the place is a natural hot water spring. The water of this spring is considered to be very helpful as it has many medicinal properties.

10. #Sahastradhara:

The place is known by the name of the commercial hotspot. As you come to see lots of springs there. With this, you also come to see the beautiful view of small waterfalls and mountains that surround the springs.

SO, this is all about the top 10 hot springs in India. You have to visit all these places for once then you come to understand the real fun of all these springs.

With relation to this data, I am also going to cover one more topic here in brief that is “Top 10 hot springs Japan” and our next topic is also based on this. So, subscribe or bookmark our site for all new updates.

Japan is a very beautiful place and if you are a traveler expert then it is very well known to you that Japan is very much famous for the Hot springs. Some of the most famous Hot springs in Japan are;

  1. Kusatsu Onsen
  2. Beppu Onsen
  3. Yufuin Onsen

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