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Top 10 Amazing Hot Springs Japan

Japan, a very beautiful place to visit in the northeast part of Asia. The country is mostly mountainous in covering and you also come to see that besides this the people living there are highly advanced. The reason behind that is the growth and urbanization in Japan. Besides this, there are many things that you can come to know if you visit there. SO, today we are going to tell you the “Top 10 hot springs Japan” where you go and try to understand the architecture of the country in relaxing surroundings.

So, let’s start with today’s topic for the day.

1. Kusatsu Onsen:

The number one place to visit the hot springs of Japan. This is also the best place to visit in Japan if you are visiting there for the first time. The best part about the place is that it has a very large volume supply of hot water. And this place gives you one privilege, that is you can visit any part of the hot spring without any fee. If you are interested in resting at this place at night then you can go to the hot springs hotel around the place and these places are just awesome. One more interesting part about the place is traveling as travel to this place is so easy as direct route transport is available mainly the whole day.


2. Beppu onsen:

The second best place to visit in Japan is the list of hot springs. The place represents the fusion of mountains and sky. The best part about the Beppu is that the place is the most iconic part of japan and if you are interested to know japan then you have to visit this place for once. With this, you also come to see lots of Hot springs there and each spring is surrounded by a different environment. And I am quite sure if you visit two or three out of these then you definitely urge to visit the others too. The interesting part of the city is that the hot spring fair is organized there every year and this is the best time to visit the place and enjoy the food and quiet life of the springs.

3. Yufuin Onsen:

Yufun is one of the best places to visit in Japan as the place is surrounded by mountains from all sides. The place is the best visit for those who like to live in the surroundings with people as this place is the most visited place in Japan and you come to see tourists all the day here. The best part about the place is that the place is not an extraordinary place but when you visit there you come to feel some vibe here which makes you feel extraordinary.


4. Hakone hot spring:

The most popular hot spring resort in Japan for so many years. The place is connected to nearly the chain of 12 hot springs and out of those the Yumoto (the entrance one spring) is the most popular place in Hakone. The mesmerizing part about the place is the availability of high-quality water and lots of places for bathings. If you are a nature enthusiast then this is the best place for your visit you have to visit this place for once. Some of the interesting resorts or hot springs hotels under this chain are; Tenzan, Hakone Kamon, Hakona Yuryo.

5. Jigokudani Monkey Park:

The best natural hot spring to visit in Japan. The place offers a unique experience to its visitors as you come to see the monkeys in hot springs here and this is the best part about the place. The place where you come to find the real relation between the world and the creatures. If you like to watch monkeys and want to try something new then you should visit this place for once and try to understand the way the monkeys (Japanese Macaques) living here.

6. Arima Onsen:

The best place to visit the scenic view of the valley among the beautiful mountains. This place is one of the most oldest and famous places in Japan.

7. Noboribetsu Onsen:

The name comes from the only minority in Japan, “Ainu” which means White or muddy river. The name best suits the place.

8. Kurokawa Onsen:

Located in central Kyushu and is the most attractive town in the place. The place best suits the person who loves to travel around the valleys.

9. Kinosaki Onsen:

The best place for staying and bathe and also walking around at night. As the place feels so easy to the person staying here. The best thing about the place is the friendly streets where you can move around and feel the vibe of the place.

10. Yamashiro Onsen:

One of the most ancient hot spring resorts in the City of Kafa. The place is nearly 1300 years old and follows the traditional culture yet in such an advanced society. The place is best for the bird seekers who love to play with birds and feed them.

So, that’s all about the Hot springs in Japan. If you want to know anything about any such place around the globe just contact us. We will try our best to make you familiar with that.

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