Pancakes: have a batter/better day | How many types of pancakes
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Pancakes: have a batter/better day | How many types of pancakes

Pancake, an American classic the very cardinal part of everyone’s morning meal. These fluffy stacks of deliciousness are the best start for our mornings with our favourite stuffing’s. Pancakes feel just awesome with all the stuffing’s syrup, butter, etc. It just depends on the person what he/she wanted to put on.

While pancakes have most likely been a part of your mornings as far back as you can recall, these little cakes are dating with our morning dishes from thousands of years. Today we are going to explore some facts and going to discuss recipes to make pancakes.

Let’s begin this beautiful meal journey with the first topic that is;

What is Pancakes?

A pancake is a slim, even, roundabout piece of cooked batter cooked using milk, flour, and eggs. People usually love to eat them as a roll with some sweet and savoury things put inside them. These are very much famous in America people used to take them as breakfast or sweet dish every day.

But the interesting part about pancakes is that they are resting on the earth for many last centuries. Many experts believe that people are eating these savoury things for the last 30,000 years. This statement just felt like a joke but it’s true actually.

With this, it is believed that in ancient Rome people liked to make pancakes with white flour and eat them with honey. But as time flies people started doing experiments with pancakes. They started adding new flavours like spices, rosewater, cheery, apples, etc.

How pancakes are named?

So the word pancakes first introduced in the 15th century and 19th century it came as a standard in America. Before this nomenclature, people used to call them hoecakes, johnnycakes, flapjacks, etc.

Besides all these facts one more fact is that people used to celebrate Pancake Day too. Yes, on Shrove Tuesday every year people used to celebrate Pancake Day.

Pancakes are not only famous in America only. You come to found many different varieties of pancakes all over the world.

  • Like in India, these pancakes are called Indian poori.
  • In Russia, these are known as Blini.
  • Besides, there are many other names given to pancakes that you come to find on google like Palacsinta, etc.

But all these varieties help people enjoy the meal moment of their life to the fullest. As it is believed that sweet dish is the best part of every meal.

This love of people towards pancakes causes many problems to them as well. It is found that a disease named “Pancakes Syndrome” is found very common among people living in tropical areas. As the region contains so many mites that contaminate the flour and causes allergic reactions to people.


Pancakes are not only made with flour only. Now people are using many different things to enhance flavours to it. So, there are so many types of pancakes are present in the market that you can enjoy as sweet dishes. We are going to point some of the most famous pancakes of the era.

How many types of pancakes?

#1. Pikelets:

The very first type of pancake is from the land of Australia. These fluffy mini-Australian cakes are made with pockets in between. So, we can fill them with some custard or jam. Pikelets taste best with honey and tea.

#2. Tapiocas: 

The next pancakes are from the land of Brazil and these are similar to crepes. These cakes are made slightly thicker as compared to other ones. The reason behind the thickness is the tapioca flour cooked on ungreased girdles. People of Brazil like to eat them as plain. One best part about these is that they are made with lots of butter and shredded coconut in between them. And that’s why they are also known as coconut flour pancakes.

#3. Tiganites:

Tracing back to the 6th century B.C. to Ancient Greece, this famous breakfast dish is supposed to be the first documented pancake on the planet. And the best part is that nobody knows that this statement is true to how much extend. But the thing is that pancakes are as much famous as in the previous world. The best part about this pancake is that it is generally served with honey and sprinkles of walnuts or sesame seeds. This thing makes it taste like heaven.

#4. Dosa: 

The Indian version of pancake is known by the name of Dosa. These are so much different from the original pancake ones. As we see that most of the pancakes are eaten as a sweet dish. But in the case of dosa, it is a little strange. Dosa is made of fermented batter of rice and black gram. People used to eat these with sambar or chutney which are generally salty. So, we can say that it is only one of its type pancakes types.

#5. Buttermilk Pancakes:

The most famous and well-known types of Pancakes in the world. These are also called American and Canadian flapjacks (pancakes). The thick and cushy hitter with ingredients like strawberries, bananas, apples, chocolate chips, and cheddar feels very awesome during meals. However, they are made unsweetened. Served in thick stacks covered with a thick layer of maple syrup and are awesome in taste. Everyone has to try these pancakes for once in life. The best part is buttermilk pancake recipe is very common on the internet you come to find it anywhere.

#6. Cachapas:

This type of pancake is a little different from other varieties. They are made in the traditional way with Venezuelan corn stuffed inside them. There is no such particular shape decided for these pancakes. It just depends on the cook what he/she wants to serve. If someone likes flat ones then they go for traditional ones otherwise stuffed ones are considered softer and tastier to eat. But in that case traditional tase may be missing. One more way of making pancakes that is also famous in Venezuela is to wrap

pancakes in dry corn and then boil them. In this way, you come to have the real taste of Cachapas.

#7. Keto-almond flour pancakes:

Ketos are the perfect recipe to add to your cookbook in the breakfast section. As the main reason is these are light and fluffy, which makes them the best pick for most people who used to eat light with high energy content.

Ketos almond flour pancakes are considered the best substitute for coconut flour pancakes which are dense and heavy.

It is seen that most people don’t know the right recipe to make Ketos. So, let’s answer

How to make pancakes step by step at home (Ketos best recipe):

  • The very first step in the making of every pancake is to blend it up. The more you blend the fluffier the pancake is. This helps whip air inside the batter.
  • Then the next thing to make ketos, add fine quality almond flour to the batter.
  • Then comes the stage where we are going to cook it. So, instead of using coconut and butter, I prefer you to use Avocado oil. This will make your pancakes lighter and also get all the good stuff out of your cakes to make them tastier.
  • But before cooking it’s important to rest the batter for some time to make it scoopable cooking.
  • The next step is to pour the cakes on the pan with real width. As the diameter of 4 inches is considered best for ketos. Over this size, it is believed that pancakes become too fragile and difficult to flip.
  • Figure the Pancakes is also very important. As taste depends on the quality of cooking. So, see the bubbles arising on the top and centre of the cake and also check for the dark edges. That’s the perfect time to flip over.
  • The last step that remains is to flip carefully. After the cooking is done you are ready to eat them with your favourite stuffing and drink.

#8. Krusteaz:

The Krusteaz pancake mix is considered best for making you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Krusteaz is majorly famous for kids. Kids like these three toppings the most:

  • Salted butter with maple syrup and fresh berries sprinkled over it.
  • Banana macadamia Cakes.
  • Lemon Ricotta including topping of Blueberries.

Children like these cakes because they taste very much different from other types. This includes the combo of sweet and saltiness which is not so common.

While the banana ones make you get the tropical vibes from it as they are very much fluffy and are considered best for weekend brunch.

The Lemon ones are the perfect mix for those who want to enjoy their summer spring treat. These cakes are the best mix of the brightness of lemon and the creaminess of Ricotta.

#9. Hungry jack pancakes:

Making pancakes is not as easy as it seems to be. But in today’s world of technology, nothing is difficult. Engineers are trying hard to make things easier.

So, just like that making pancakes also become easy. Just open the box of mix, put it in the bowl, blend it with your favourite stuffing’s. You are ready to put it in a pan. And hungry jack is one of the most popular brands for such pancakes. Hungry Jack provides you with every range of pancakes you want from butter to Gluten-free.

How the hungry jack pancakes made:

Just like the home ones the basis for the hungry jack is the same milk, oil, and eggs (if you want). You don’t have to worry about measurements for the perfect taste. Just take the amount of scoop you wanted and mix it with a definite amount of water.

The best part about hungry jack pancake mix is you can make 18-22 pancakes just in 10-20 minutes. That’s why they are becoming very famous nowadays.


-From Scratch

Many people have trouble making pancakes. But everyone wants to master skills in pancake making. So, today we are going to explain to you the best way to make pancakes at home from scratch.

  • The very first step is to set your aim- fluffiness, thickness and add what you like to.
  • Warm the milk before adding it to the batter as this will help the pancake to puff better.
  • Take the batter and Do not Overmix it. This is a very important step as your mixture going to tell how the pancakes going to make.
  • Add Dry Ingredients to the batter. This will make your batter sift twice and make it tastier than before and also add proteins to it.
  • Then comes the pan choice. A correct pan can make your pancakes taste 100 times better than before. Try to use non-stick things. Like cast iron pans or electric griddles.
  • Now, it’s time to enjoy the cakes stuffing. This is the best part while making pancakes. You can add anything of your choice you like to. From Strawberries to blueberries, butter to maple syrup, or honey too. It’s all your choice.
  • That’s it for the simple pancakes. But if you like to try some other recipes then you can contact us. We will tell you the best way to make your pancakes awesome.
  • One more thing left is you can use moulds if you are not much comfortable pouring the batter on the pan.

That’s it for the recipe part.

Pancakes are a part of everyone’s life as people feel it easier to eat them for breakfast while preparing for work. The reason is pancakes come in many different shapes, sizes, and flavours. We can add sweet, savoury, thickness, etc everything we want. Besides these things, we can add fruits too like Banana, Apple, Blueberry, etc to make it more health-conscious.

That’s the reason why they hold a special place in our hearts, always reminding us of those beautiful moments spend with family on Saturday mornings. So, it’s time to enter the kitchen and try something new for holiday nights. We can talk about shitty things with family while having a slice of pancake with some honey.

So, now it’s time to take off and say “Have a Batter/Better Day” to all.


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