The Himalayan Beauty With Melodious Himachali Folk Songs
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Revel in The Himalayan Beauty With Melodious Himachali Folk Songs

Hills in Himachal Pradesh has always been a source of fascination for tourists but the cultural songs sung by these people still add to the beauty of nature. The art and culture of the state attract foreigners who are spell-bound by the enchanting lyrics and sonorous music. Here, we are mentioning some of the Himachali Folk Songs sung by the natives to enthrall the campers.

Aj Chatradi O Kal Rakha Mela

This Himachali Folk Songs is sung by the shepherds who take their sheep for grazing in the Himalayas throughout the year. This is called Gaddi song.


This song is sung by a mother for her daughter and the ballad is in the form of conversation. The song is melodious and the lyrics are worth listening. The language is simple and clear.


The opening lines say that a mother asks her daughter why she has become so lean.

Kunjo Chanchlo

This is a superb love song of Kangra valley where lovers miss each other. Their things remind them when they are far away from each other. The two persons in love with each other are Kunju and Chanchalo. While washing clothes, Chanchalo finds Kunju’s Shirt button and Kunju finds Chanchalo’s handkerchief and ring. They sing memorizing their beloved. The song echoes in the beautiful valley of Himachal and makes the atmosphere more enchanting.

Some songs are accompanied by traditional dances popular in Himachal Pradesh. Jhoori is a song that depicts an extramarital affair and is escorted by the female dance Jhoomar. The other songs include Laman songs from Kullu Valley and Samskara songs that are sung especially on festivals and celebrations. These songs have a base in the traditional Indian classical music and that contributes to their mellowness. Aeschliman’s a song battered by a newlywed or woman who is about to get married.


The Jhanjhotis are based on different ragas like Durga, Tiling, Bindrabani Sarang, and Des. Some historical songs are also an important part of the Himachal traditional culture. The song Sukraat depicts the sacrifice of Rani who has deep feelings of humanity and love for people while Mohana is the saddest song sung for a brother who takes upon himself the charge of murdering his brother.

Musical Instruments

The chief Instruments that are used to play music are Percussion, Winds, and Strings. The percussion instruments are Jhanjh, Dammam, Dholki, Dhol, Dholki etc. while the wind devices are Shehnai, Peepni, and Algoza. Sarangi, Ektaara andJumang are included under the Strings category.

Some ceremonial songs are sung on special occasions like birth, engagement, and marriage like Bhayi, Suhaag, and Vidayi. The other melodies Raja-Garden song which is sung by Raja Sanskar Chand of Kangra to woo GaddanNokhu.

Some Best Folk Songs are sung by professional singers in classical tone and some are pictured also. The videos can be viewed online.

Folk Music Songs are the tradition of Himachal Pradesh and the natives grace every occasion with the cultural songs, often complemented with Folk Song dance. The music and dance make the culture rich like Roopshu songs of the Chamba valley and the Mohan of  Bilaspur.

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