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Top 10 Famous Food of Himachal Pradesh

Hello, everyone Today I am going to describe 10 famous Food of Himachal Prades. Hope you like this one. So can let’s start.

Himachal Pradesh is a mesmerising blend of natural beauty and man-made wonders tucked away cosily in the foothills of the towering Himalayas. No matter what tourist attractions thrill you, it is without a doubt one of the top destinations to visit in India. Once you’ve had your fill of Himachal Pradesh’s stunning sights, for instance, if fine food is something you think about frequently, the state has a lot to offer. So, when you visit there again, be sure to taste some of the delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Lentils, rice, pulses and red meat make up the majority of the delicacies of Himachali, food also known as pahadi cuisine, which is an intriguing fusion of Tibetan and Punjabi foods. The food is flavorful and appetising since it is prepared using the best spices possible.

Here is a list of the top 10 famous food of Himachal Pradesh, that you must try:


Dhaam is a kind of complete meal that is full of flavours and minerals. It is a famous food of Himachal Pradesh. In other Indian states, it is more akin to what is known as “thali.” The dish is made up of a hot red kidney bean curry which is also known as Rajma, fragrant rice, fried dal, curd, boor ki kadi, salad, sweets and a little jaggery. The residents of Himachal Pradesh usually enjoy this healthy and delectable meal on holidays, weddings, and other significant occasions. You must travel to Himachal Pradesh during festivals if you want to taste this Himachal Pradesh food, Dhaam. Additionally, the restaurants in Himachal employ specialised chefs known as botis who make the most flavourful dhaam for patrons. Make sure you taste this delectable dish at least once when you visit Himachal Pradesh.


Tips: To experience the best dhaam, travel to Himachal Pradesh during celebrations, particularly to Manali or Chamba.



Madra, also known as chana madra, is a famous food of Himachal Pradesh, that is a delicacy in the Himachal Pradesh area and highlights the region’s distinctive culinary tradition. It is made of chickpeas or vegetables that have been soaked, as well as a variety of spices that give it a deep flavour, including cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric powder and coriander powder. This mouth-watering dish may be found in any restaurant in Himachal Pradesh. It really is that popular! Similar to dhaam, residents of Himachal Pradesh frequently prepare this delectable dish for any special occasion or festival.

Tips: Rice, chapatis and the traditional Himachali dish babru go best with madra.



Although babru has a similar appearance to the kachoris sold in North India, it is made differently and has a distinctive flavour. This mouth-watering Himachal Pradesh food is a flattened wheat flour puri. Most regional restaurants in the state serve it with sweet tamarind chutney and a flavorful black gramme paste stuffing. You may also have it with chana madra; the flavour is just as fantastic. Once you have had babru, you won’t want to have regular kachoris again.

Tip: When the weather is chilly in the winter, you can enjoy babruthe most with a hot cup of tea.


Kullu Trout Fish:

This non-vegetarian delicacy in Himachal Pradesh is a must-try if you enjoy eating fish. To preserve the flavour and nutrients of the trout, Kullu trout is prepared in a unique method by marinating the fish and frying it with a few seasonings. A little lemon-onion sauce is drizzled on top after the fish has been pan-fried in mustard oil to enhance the flavour. The majority of restaurants serve this well-known Himachal Pradesh food with rice and boiled veggies, which makes it a delicious and healthy dish for lunch or dinner.

Tip: Enjoy this wholesome dish with lots of vegetables if you’re concerned about your health.



Siddu is a must-try for everyone visiting Himachal Pradesh as it is one of the state’s most adored traditional dishes. It is essentially a regional bun with a unique filling. A wheat flour and yeast dough are used to make siddu, and the dough is then filled with fat. What makes it unique and delicious is the manner in which it is prepared. At first, the dough is exposed to direct flame and roasted for a while. The same dough is then heated until thoroughly done. Local people employ this unique cooking technique to preserve the minerals and flavour of the food. It certainly sounds wonderful.

Tip: If you want to taste siddu, try it with a main course Himachali cuisine like mutton or veggies.



One of the most popular foods to eat on your next vacation in himachalPradesh is this Himachal Pradeshi traditional food. Bhey is made by slicing lotus stems, which are then cooked with gramme flour, a variety of spices, ginger, garlic, and onions for a mouth-watering flavour. You may readily taste the dish whenever the mood strikes you as it is offered in many restaurants throughout the state.

Tip: They tastes best when eaten with parathas, rice or chapatis.



The Himachal Pradesh people enjoy eating aktori, a particular cake or pancake made from buckwheat leaves. This famous food of Himachal Pradesh is now regarded as a delicacy throughout the state and was born in the stunning Spiti Valley. Buckwheat leaves and other ingredients including milk, water, sugar, and baking soda are boiled in wheat flour to make aktori. Aktori, it one of the best foods of Himachal Pradesh, and it is simple to make and also very delicious. It is a common celebration food. To improve its flavour, you can drizzle some ghee or honey on top.

Tip: The tastiest aktori in Himachal Pradesh can be found at restaurants in Lahaul and Spiti Valley.


Chha gosht:

If you enjoy eating new non-vegetarian meals, Chha Gosht in Himachal Pradesh is a must-try. Small slices of lamb are marinated for a while to make this delicious dish. After being marinated, the meat is cooked in a flavourful sauce made with ginger-garlic paste, yoghurt, gramme flour, and a few Indian spices including bay leaf, asafoetida, cardamom powder, coriander powder, and red chilli powder. One of the famous foods of Himachal Pradesh is chha gosht, which is enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

Tip: In Himachal, the tastiest chha gosht is served at restaurants in Chamba.


KaaleChanne Ka Khatta:

Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra region is home to the sour and spicy dish known as kaale channe ka khatta, which is made using boiling black chickpeas. Black chickpeas are cooked in the recipe by boiling them and then adding a variety of spices, and cumin seeds, including salt, asafoetida, coriander powder, fennel seeds and mint powder. For enhanced flavour and consistency, the recipe also includes green chilies, tamarind, and wheat or rice flour. Locals frequently eat this Himachal Pradesh traditional dish with madra.

Tip:Be aware that Kaalechanne ka khatta may be very spicy for little children.


Tibetan Thukpa:

Numerous Tibetan Buddhists live in Himachal, and the northern region of the state is heavily Tibetan-influenced. So you may get a variety of delicious Tibetan meals in restaurants that are all around Himachal Pradesh.For aficionados, one such delicacy that is a must-try is Tibetan thukpa. In its simplest form, it is a meatless or meat-filled noodle soup. The vegetarian dish also includes boiling noodles and a variety of fresh vegetables, including onion, carrots, cabbage and tomatoes. Thukpa that is not vegetarian is prepared with both beef or chicken and veggies. The flavour of this excellent noodle soup is enhanced by ginger-garlic paste, chilies, and sauces, which makes it a must-try.

Tip: Visit Dharamshala or McLeod Ganj for the best Tibetan thukpa.


So, if you are a foodie, you should definitely taste these Top 10 famous food of Himachal Pradesh at least once. These traditional pahadi dishes have a flavour that is genuinely unique and might not be found in any other place in the world. A variety of delicious pahadi dishes are served at reasonable costs in the state’s modest yet cosy cafés and eateries. So, be sure to sample as many as you can while visiting Himachal Pradesh.


Q. Which is the most famous dish of Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh’s most famous dish, Dham or Dhaam, is not only delicious but also it is a nutrient-rich food. This whole meal, which is quite popular in Manali and Chamba, includes rice, dal, boor ki Kadi, rajma and curd. Also, it is accompanied by gur (jaggery).


Q. What is the famous sweet dish of Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh’s Metthe Chawal, which is made for special occasions or festivals is regarded as the famous sweet dish of Himachal Pradesh.


Q. What do people of Himachal Pradesh eat for breakfast?

Siddu, Babru, Aktori, Shunali, himachalipatrodu are some of the popular Himachali dishes which Himachali people use to have for their breakfast.

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