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Top 8 Best Places To Visit In Barog Himachal Pradesh

Barog Himachal Pradesh: Barog is a new tourist destination that is favored by those looking for tranquility. Barog is perfect for every type of traveler whether family-oriented travelers, honeymooners or backpackers. But, mainly favored by families there are some incredible places to explore in Barog. There are 9 tourist destinations in Barog that is accessible to travelers. In addition, this popular hill station has its own railway station, which is situated on UNESCO World Heritage Site Kalka-Shimla Railway. Take a trip to this stunning hills station situated in Solan and prepare to experience the beauty in Himachal Pradesh!

The Best Time to Visit Barog

The ideal timing to travel to Barog will be during monsoon period. Barog is awash with rain throughout July through September. All places you can visit at Barog during this period are stunning due to the rain. It is a great time to enjoy nature at its most beautiful. The winters can be quite cold in the area, with temperatures ranging about 15 degrees. It is not the best time to go to the tourist destinations.

Amazing 8 Places To See in Barog Himachal Pradesh

Are you planning to visit Barog Himachal Pradesh? Here’s an overview of the top places to go to in Barog. Take a look at this list prior to planning your trip to the small town of Barog.

  • Dolanji Bon Monastery: Seek Peace
  • Choor Chandni Peak: Picturesque Location
  • Barog Camping Grounds: Camping Amidst Nature
  • Graveyard Of Barog Relive the Past
  • Suketi Fossil Park Watch The Fossils
  • Dharampur The Most Amazing Retreat
  • Spencer Restaurant: Satiate Hunger Pangs
  • Jatoli Temple Seek Blessings

1. Dolanji Bon Monastery: Seek Peace

Dolanji Bon Monastery is one of the top destinations to explore located in Barog Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the Narag-Sarahan route and was established around 1969, by the Abbot Lungtog Tenpai Nyima. It is often referred to for its Yungdrung Bon Monastery. The monastery is worth a visit to the small town of Yungdrung for anyone who is seeking peace and those looking to be a part of the real Tibetan tradition. It is operated through the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Centre.

2. Choor Chandni Peak: Picturesque Location

It’s situated at 3650m above sea-level, Choor Chandni Peak is one of the most tourist spots in Barog. It is often referred to by the Choordhar Mountains as on a moonlit night it appears that many silver bangles pass by along the mountain’s slope. It is also a favorite for tourists as it provides hiking. As a destination that is ideal for nature lovers, photographers and adventure enthusiasts The place is awe-inspiring with breathtaking views and is one of the top places to visit in Barog.

3. Barog Camping Grounds: Camping Amidst Nature

The only camping area that is registered situated in Barog, Barog camping grounds is among the top spots to visit in the Barog hill station when you’re with your loved ones. You can take in the stunning views of the peak and also Solang Valley. Tourists can set up tents in their own areas and use the numerous facilities that are available, such as bathrooms, telephones electric, food and bonfires, accommodation, dance floors , and natural hiking trails. It is a one of a unique experience in this an extremely fascinating tourist spots in Barog.

4. Graveyard Of Barog Relive the Past

Graveyard Of Barog is now an infamous tourist spot. It is a graveyard of an engineer named Barog who was assigned the task of constructing the tunnel. The theory is that Barog committed suicide because his tunnel did not get built. This tunnel designed was to have the largest length tunnel in the world. Today, the grave, which is one of the most frequently visited Barog tourist destinations is also a stunning garden where tourists can honor their loved ones.

5. Suketi Fossil Park Watch The Fossils

One of the most famous Barog tourist attractions is Suketi Fossil Park, is located on the banks of Markanda River. It is believed as the first park in Asia to be established exactly in the same spot in which the fossils actually were discovered. The park is known for its real-sized models depicting prehistoric creatures. They are constructed of fibreglass. The park displays models of animals that are believed to date to 8.5 million years.You are able to see models of the giant land tortoise along with extinct grand elephants and much more. It is among the top activities to take part in during your visit to Himachal Pradesh.

6. Dharampur Astonishing Retreat

The highway is part of the Waghai-Vansda, Dharamur is known for its royal history. The city is frequented by lots of travelers since it has numerous attractions such as it’s Japanese Gardens, Laxminarayan Temple and the Lady Wilson Museum. It also houses one the top hospitals in India to treat tuberculosis. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places to go to in Barog.

7. Spencer Restaurant: Satiate Hunger Pangs

Spencer Restaurant is a prominent eatery in Barog. It was established in the time during in the British Raj. In the past, the restaurant would various sections catering to people of the Hindus, British and Muslims. It is renowned for its many food dishes, it’s one of the most popular places in Barog for a great dining experience. It also offers stunning views to take in while eating.

8. Jatoli Temple Seek Blessings

Jatoli Shiv Temple is one of the most stunning locations to visit in Barog for those seeking peace. With an impressive structure, this beautiful temple is hidden in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. You can see a number of locals taking part in rituals at this temple because it is sacred. To get the most out of your trip, you must go to the morning prayer in the temple. This temple is surrounded tranquility and beauty. It will provide a wonderful place to meditate.

How to Reach Barog Himachal Pradesh

By Air

The closest Airport that is close Barog can be found at Shimla Airport. It is easily connected to the other major cities. Once you have reached Barog Airport, you will be able to take a taxi to Barog. The distance from Barog is approximately 61km.

By Rail

Barog is home to a small railway station within the Solan district. It is situated on the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kalka-Shimla Railway. The next railway station is expected to be located in Chandigarh. It will also connect Chandigarh with other major cities of India.

By Road

If you’d like to travel to Barog in a hurry, consider an on-road journey. Barog has a great road network that connects all the major cities of and within Himachal Pradesh. Barog is situated around 300km from Delhi and 54 km from Chail 21 kilometers from Kasauli 60 km from Chandigarh and 8 km from Solan and the distance is 58 km from Shimla travelers can use a taxi or bus service to get to Barog from these locations.

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