Top Three places in Himachal to enjoy the #Realphotography
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Top Three places in Himachal to enjoy the #realphotography

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I hope you all are doing great at your house. So, welcome back once again on our site today we are going to highlight the very interesting thing about Himachal  Pradesh and I am damn sure that people having a love for nature and photography will definitely be going to find it attractive. As we know today photos have become one of the most important parts of life and they are also memories of the best moments spent by you. These are the only ways to make you happy when you wanted to enjoy some of the beautiful moments of the past. So, today we are going to tell you the best places in Himachal Pradesh that are especially famous for their beauty for photography. But it doesn’t mean that you are not going to find good clicks in other places, Himachal Pradesh is very beautiful and every turn of the place will help you meet a new part of nature. Let’s start the topic;

1. Shimla: The Natural Photography Place…

Shimla, the capital of the state and a very famous as well as the most beautiful hill station in the state. As mainly all the adventure freaks know that Shimla is endowed with the components of natural beauty and this thing makes this place best for nature photography. As on one side of the valley, you are going to enjoy the majestic snow-clad mountains, while the other side is covered with rich greenery and lovely lakes which are just very pleasant to the eyes and make us feel like that we are in paradise. And I am quite sure that a mixture of these two things is enough to win the heart of the photographer

. Besides this outer beauty, you can also be going to enjoy some shots of the inner if you are adventure enthusiasts.

As you can do a lot of things in Shimla like nights, bonfires, side viewing, etc and I am sure this thing will arrange some of the spectacular shots for you. Just try these things one time if you are Himachal. The best thing about the place is if you are new to the photography field or just do the thing to fulfill your passion, then there are many such destinations in Shimla also where you just have to go and wait for the best moments like Jhakoo Temple, Mall Road, Christ Church, etc. YOu can visit all these places and can enjoy the cheerfulness of the place and also spread this cheerfulness to society with your beautiful pics.

2.Manali: Best place to Nature enthusiasts:

The second best place to click some charming moments is the Manali as the place is the best example of nature. YOu come to see mainly each and everything aspect of nature which photographers want like Proper grunge of rivers with the green mountains.  The place is specially made for those photo enthusiasts who want to go deep in nature and want to understand every aspect of it. As it is said that as we move on the upside of the place we come to see the real glamour of the place. The mountains just look like a beautiful lady with beautiful hair as a river. The only thing left at that time is to get your camera out of your bag and click a pic. Besides these there are many destinations in Manali to go out and enjoy the real serenity of the place, the only thing you need is the mindset of understanding nature. So, be ready for mainly every type of pic in Manali as it is the only place in Himachal where you are going to find the correct mixture of rustic and modern looks with the beautiful view of Manali. #thenaturephotographyManali


3. Kasol: The place for best serene photography

Himachal is the place where you come to see lots of things as the history of the Himachal is full of glorious stories. And the one reason behind this glory is its beauty which attracts everyone. One such place is the Kasol, a very famous tourist place and also one of the best places for adventure lovers. The thing that I am going to tell you now, will make photographers fall in love with the place. The place is filled with natural beauty from all sides as the place is covered by big mountains from all sides which make it look like a hub of greenery in the white mountains. The sleepy valley of the place is also very famous as the flow of the Parvati river in between the valley makes it the best place to enjoy the peace with the chirping of birds and with the sound of the flow of the river.

That’s the time when you are ready to click the shots that will touch the heart of viewers. One night out on the riverside also makes you feel very awesome as you come to analyze lots of things about your nature, about the environment and also about your profession. But if you somewhat feel it boring then you can also opt for the second option of adventure. What you can do is go on a trek across the Parvati River where you come to find lots of things about the valley and this thing will teach you how to stay calm during the hardship of your life then only you are going to become as beautiful as the valley. And this may also allow you to make this topic the project of your next summit and show us some of the great insights into nature.

So, I Have told you some of the great places to click the best shots. But if you want more then you can also go for the trip to Triund, where you come to find the beautiful view of mountains which is just heart touching to you and your camera. Or there is one more place where you can go is The KheerGanga, the best place to enjoy eclectic photography and I am sure this will give clarity to your thoughts and help you to plan your paths.

So, visit any of these places for once in your career whether you are a photographer or not. These places will teach you a lot of things. That’s all about for today, have a nice day and stay safe…


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