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Tourist Places in Trivandrum – Top 10 must-visit Destinations In Trivandrum

What is a Trivandrum?

Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital of Kerala State. It’s located in the south Indian state of Kerala. It is well-known for its tranquil beaches, backwaters and hill stations as well as rich culture, which attracts many foreign and Indian tourists. It is considered one of India’s most serene and cleanest cities.

These are the top ten Tourist Places in Trivandrum:

1. Kovalam Beach – Trivandrum places to visit

It is approximately 16 km away from Thiruvananthapuram’s Central Railway Station, and 10 km from Thiruvananthapuram’s International Airport. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Trivandrum because of its long coastline, large palms, and clear water.

It has a 17-kilometer long coastline that is divided by a rocky projection. These beaches are Light House Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach. These beaches make up the famous semi-circular Kovalam Beach.

Light House Beach can be found on the top of Kurumkal hillock. It was built of stones and measures 118 feet in height. The beach is charmed by its constant light beams at night, which add charm. Hawah Beach, a tranquil bay with blue waters and a high-rise peninsula is one of Trivandrum’s most popular tourist spots.

This beach is very busy with fishermen heading out to sea. Samundra Beach is busy with local fishermen. It is therefore not crowded by tourists.

You have many vacation options, including sunbathing and herbal body toning, massages, cultural programs, catamaran cruising, and special cultural programs. You can get tanned in minutes here with the bright tropical sun. Activities on the beach are generally done late in the evening, and continue until late at night.

2. Temple Padhmanabhaswamy – Trivandrum Places to Visit

The Padmanabhaswami Temple, a famous and sacred Hindu temple in the city’s heart, is one of Trivandrum’s most popular tourist attractions. It dates back to the 8th Century and was restored by Marthanda Varma, the king from Travancore, in 1750.

In 1566, the foundation for the current-day gopurams was laid.

 It is constructed on the side of a 100-foot tank with a 7-tier gopuram.

There are 365-1/4 carved granite-stone pillars in the temple corridor with decorative carvings. The deity Lord Vishnu, a Hindu deity, is seen here in eternal sleep on the hood a five-headed serpent. It is a mixture of Dravidian and Chera styles.

3. Shankhumugam Beach – Tourist places near Trivandrum

This beach is 7km from Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station and just a short drive away from International Airport. This is Trivandrum’s most popular tourist spot. Many people visit this spot in the evening to see the sunset and Giant Mermaid statue. There are also some spots that are specifically designed for picnickers.

4. Napier Museum and Zoo – Tourist Spots in Trivandrum

Napier Museum is found within Trivandrum Zoo, which is India’s oldest zoological park. It was established on more than 55 acres. The complex also houses the Sree Chitra Art Gallery, which was established in 1935. It is one of Trivandrum’s most popular tourist attractions. The Department of Museum and Zoos of Kerala manages the entire complex.

It is a museum for art and history, named after Lord Napier, the former Governor General of Madras. The Madras Government’s consulting architect designed the architecture. It features a distinctive architectural style and decoration, with minarets and natural air conditioning.

It contains unique archaeological and historical pieces. It includes bronze and stone sculptures, wood and ivory carvings and lamp.

5. Agasthyakoodam – Places to visit near Trivandrum

Agasthyakoodam, or Agastyamala, is named after one the Saptrishis from Hindu Puranas. It is believed that he is still alive and is one of Trivandrum’s most popular tourist spots. It is home to his full-sized statue and is a popular pilgrimage spot for his devotees.

Pilgrims can visit the peak from January through March. Agasthyakoodam, a well-known hill station, is home to rare herbs of high therapeutic value, diverse flora, fauna, and wild animals like elephants Indian Gaurs and Tigers, Sloth Bears, Sambar Deer, and many others.

Agasthyakoodam, the second highest hill station of Kerala, is its origin. From here, the major rivers Thamirabarani (and Karaman) originate. The city’s water needs are met by the Karaman River.

The vehicle can travel up to Bonacaud, which is located 50 km from Trivandrum. Trekking 28 kms is the only way to get to Agasthyakoodam. This requires two days of trekking through the forest. Kerala Forest Department issues trekking passes from their Thiruvananthapuram office.

6. Poovar Island – Best Places to Visit in Trivandrum

Poovar, a beautiful village at the southern tip Trivandrum’s coast, is a fishing village. It was once a trading port for spices, timber, sandal, ivory, and other commodities. Poovar Island can only be reached by water. It is a quiet and peaceful island, surrounded by tranquil backwaters and the sea.

Poovar Island can be found at the point where the Arabian sea meets the great Arabian lake. The impressive view from this point where river, ocean, and lake meet is quite stunning. Tourists love the combination of land and backwaters, making it an attractive attraction.

This area is home to a variety of interesting plants, birds and banana groves.

Poovar beach is known for its golden sand. It is a peaceful spot that many people love. Because of the presence of fishermen, water sports and beach activities have not been developed here. The beach is not suitable for swimming or sunbathing as the currents can be quite strong.

Poovar can be reached via road within 45 minutes from Trivandram, at a distance approximately 30 Kms.

7. Ponmudi – Best Places to Visit in Trivandrum

Ponmudi, another hill station located in the vicinity of Trivandrum’s main city is also worth mentioning. This hill station, which is located at 55 km from Trivandrum, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Trivandrum.

It connects to Trivandrum via road. The last 18 km of the road offers a beautiful view of mountains, tea gardens slopes, rare fauna, and rare flora.

This stretch of road is thrilling because the driver must make 22 sharp turns and take hairpin turns. You can stop at Ponmudi to see the Kallar River running parallel to Ponmudi. There are also attractive Meenmutty waterfalls just a few meters ahead.

The eco point offers a great view of the lush green forests and tropical vegetation between. There are excellent hiking trails from the hill station. Other attractions close to Ponmudi include Dear Park, Golden valley, Ponmudi Falls, and wood-and-stone cottages.

8. Varkala Beach – Best Places to Visit in Trivandrum

Varkala, a coastal village located 40km from Trivandrum is known as. Varkala Beach (or Papanasam Beach) is the main attraction in Varkala. Also, there’s Janardana Swami Temple, a 2000-year-old shrine of vaishnates in India. Sivagiri Mutt was established in this town in memory of Sree Narayan Guru, a reformer who is buried here. This is Trivandrum’s most popular tourist spot.

Varkala Beach, also known as Papanasam Beach, is located 10 kilometers from Varkala Town. It is the only South Kerala beach with Cenozoic muddy formations near the Arabian Sea. This is the Varkala Formation and was declared a geological monument in India by the Geological Survey of India.

Tourists love to sunbathe, swim and watch the sunset in the evenings. The black beach is also known as the Thorium-oxide beach. On the long cliff is a number of small shops and beach houses. It is believed that there was a natural spring nearby and that the water has medicinal properties.

9. Veli Tourist Village – places to visit near Trivandrum

Veli tourist village can be found at 10km from Trivandrum, at the junction of Aakulam or Veli lakes and the Arabian Sea.

This is a popular spot for family picnics. There are many attractions, such as a children’s play area, boat ride on Veli Lake or horse riding, a long walkway linking Veli Lake and a floating restaurant that serves traditional Kerala dishes.

Kanai Kunjiraman is the first stone sculptor to have created some sculptures. There are a few ponds filled with fish and tortoises, and there are a few birds, like pigeons or swans. There is a nominal fee for entry, depending on the age of the visitors.

10. Neyyer Dam – places to visit near Trivandrum

Neyyer Dam can be found at 30 kms from Trivandrum, on the foothills above the Western Ghat and across the Neyyer River. It is known for its beautiful views of meadows and flora. It is part of the Neyyer Wildlife Sanctuary, which provides habitat for many wild animals.

Neyyer Dam has many attractions, including a Yoga Centre, Crocodile Park that is used for rehabilitation and research, Lion Safari Park and Dear Park, Watch Tower and Boating.

Paid boat rides in Neyyer Dam are offered in speed boats, alongside lush green forests. One can also view Agasthyakoodam and Western Ghats, Kottampuras, Kanimalas, Kurisumala and other wild animals while on the ride.

Entry to the dam and participation in other activities require a nominal fee. You can get to this area by bus, taxi or car. The visiting hours are from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Visit Trivandrum, and be prepared to visit the tourist spots in Trivandrum

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