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Where dreams come true: Simply Cricket

Simply Cricket is one of the best emerging cricket academies in Dubai. This can become an enormous site for the children who has a dream to become a successful cricketer in the future. Our coaching staff is giving 100% to the children who are passionate about their game. They just need players who are persistent about their dreams and no more.

We are giving equal training hours to boys and girls that are 2 hours whether it is weekday or weekend. Our coaching staff is really helpful for the ones who don’t have any excuse in their dreams. Join Simply Cricket now for one of the best atmosphere and coaching staff. Our special team is helpful for the children not only in cricket but also in endurance-based workouts. Without fitness, the person can’t accomplish any sports perfectly.


So, we are giving our best so no one has to think in their life that they have chosen the wrong path in their journey. Many people have registered in our coaching now it’s your chance to become a part of this family. You can become the next legend of this game. You can be part of the fab 4 or you can become the next insane swing bowler. You can become that magical wrist bowler or the best fielder in the era.

Our sports academy is providing the bridge between you and your dream. Not only this, for handling pressure we also give our players a chance to participate in tournaments. Not only this, but our cricket academy also had started tournaments. So, this can help children to become excellent players by soaking all the pressure in all matches and can become a consistent players. We also analyze legends of the game which helped them to become one of the most promising players in the history of cricket. You can also closely examine the most admired cricketers.

In the next few years, we are growing our infrastructure from the root level so we can give more accurate training to our players. We also give proper diet plans to little masters so they can become fit and don’t have to think about their injuries anymore. Our coaching staff is really helpful for the person whether it is related to cricket or mentally. They always motivate you and we bet you that you can become stronger ever than before. The age of the student for which coaching is opened is Under 10/13/15/17.


Not only this we always try to make tough tournaments by shaking hands with foreign cricket clubs so they can become confident by playing with overseas players. We also give overseas training to our students such as SENA countries so they can know how to fight back in pace conditions and it can be very helpful for them in future.

Whenever they join senior clubs, they will not hesitate by playing in those sorts of conditions. And not only this we are giving one on one / private coaching to our students so they don’t have to feel they are not learning well or is lacking by chances for playing with others.

Moreover, we want that our players will become successful cricketers in the future. It will help to raise the standards of international cricket and we will be very happy by watching that you managed to achieve your goal. In Dubai, this coaching club is one of the most emerged clubs and is growing their international partners year by year, so one has to think twice to go to a foreign or another club to practice a good amount of cricket. So, we will be happy if you take one step closer to your dreams by choosing our cricket club.



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