Which brand is better Applecare or Primark?

I believe Primark is better than AppleCare because it is cheaper and you can get it in more variety of price. AppleCare, however, has a lot of benefits that Primark does not have like anti-theft and theft.


How to choose between AppleCare and Primark?

In case of an accident, knowing how to fix your phone is important. You need a reliable phone repair service that can fix your iPhone in no time. After all, accidents happen all the time, and it’s better to know what steps you should take rather than being stuck at the side of the road with your broken screen.

I think Primark is a lower price and good. But AppleCare is better because they fix your phone screen within an hour, you can talk to the technician and they will help you out when you have any issues with your phone.

Primark is better brand for fashion and amazon is a good brand but it cost more.

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