OnePlus 5: An Amazing Competition to All The Android Phones in The Market

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5, If you can’t afford to buy iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or Google Pixel XL, no need to worry because OnePlus has launched it is the new Phone: OnePlus 5 and it is almost a perfect mobile for everyone and that too for an affordable price: 32,999 in

First Incident of Samsung Phone Catches Fire In India

First incident of Samsung Phone catches fire in India

Once again the High-end Samsung phone proves to be a threat as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire in Chennai bound indigo aircraft on Sep23, 2016. This incident scared the 175 passengers. Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) told various airlines to ban the use of smartphone inside the flight.

Samsung launches Galaxy A9 Pro for price 32,490

Samsung launches Galaxy A9 Pro for price 32,490

New Delhi: Extending its Galaxy series A9 Pro in India, South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics on Friday launched Galaxy A9 Pro smartphone with glass and metal body for price 32,490. "The 6-inch AMOLED display on Galaxy A9 Pro enhances the content experience. High memory and advanced processor Technology, the device is made

Sidewalks Lab to ease traffic in Columbus

Sidewalks Lab

To improve the public transportation system in Columbus, Ohio, Google’s sister company, Sidewalks Lab has taken the responsibility. The city was selected after it won Obama administration’s national competition to ease traffic issue. Cloud-based transportation data will be used to ease the traffic flow in the city by providing better access