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How does Applecare cover water damage

AppleCare Protection Plan covers three types of repair. The most common is a water damage fix, but it also includes accidental damage and power failure repair.

AppleCare Protection Plan protects your device, but not against water damage. If your device is damaged from a liquid spill or if it’s dropped in the toilet, you can get support for replacing your device or eligible for a replacement.


AppleCare+ offers a two-year warranty, and covers the repair or replacement of any eligible covered component, if it fails during the term of the warranty due to corrosion or accidental damage from a water source (like a flood). The iPhone 6 Plus AppleCare+ plan offers additional protection for your older device, too: you can get up to two years of hardware coverage, plus 90 days of complimentary technical support.

If your iPhone or iPad water damage claim has been denied, we can help with the appeal process.

How long does AppleCare cover water damage?

The AppleCare Protection Plan covers any water damage caused by an accidental spill or minor water damage.

The AppleCare Protection Plan covers the cost of water damage repairs for up to two years from your AppleCare purchase date.

With AppleCare+, you get: Up to two incidents of accidental damage from a covered product for up to two years from the date of coverage or until Apple replaces the eligible product with a new unit, whichever comes first.

AppleCare+ with iPhone covers your against water damage, including accidents and spills. Apple will replace a damaged device (as long as it’s still under manufacturer warranty) or repair it, at no additional cost. That said, if yours is something special and you want to maximize its lifespan, it should be accompanied by the AppleCare+ for Mac warranty extension. All major components are covered for up to two years from the original purchase date of your computer using AppleCare+


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