Faster Big Data Connection by Google between US and Japan
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Faster Big Data Connection by Google between US and Japan

Last Wednesday Google brought out one of its biggest projects of long-distance underwater cabling for fiber optic to transmit data. The cable is laid between Oregan of the USA to Japan mainland. It’s the highest ever capacity of underwater cable built to date with 60 terabits per second data transfer speed.


It’s more than 10 million times the average data speed that can be provided by the cable modem. Google had announced this project way back in 2014 being one of the six members of the “Faster consortium


Currently, Google App can only access a hundred gigabits per second multiplied by 100 wavelengths optical transmission cable which in pairs, one used for sending data while the other is used for receiving the data. This project has an estimated cost of roughly around 300 million dollars.

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This ultra-high-speed optical cabling will help Google to provide support to its huge user base including Google apps and its customers of the cloud platform. Out of the earlier mentioned 60 terabits per second capacity of the cable Google will have access to 10 terabits per second capacity. This bandwidth will be used to support Google’s cloud platform located in the east region of Tokyo. Such ultra-high-speed data transfer infrastructure will ensure quick data transfer and a decrease in latency.

Though this the biggest of Goggles’ project to transfer high speeds data, however, is nothing new for Google as it already has three other underwater cables including the 7.68 terabits per second trans-Pacific cable which became operational in 2010.


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