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Best apps for Improving English Communication Skills

English a very trending word nowadays. As English is considered so much important in present society. As in cities, this is used primarily for the main way of communication. People now changing their lives in modern styles and everyone likes to enjoy modern things.

So, just because of all these reasons this becomes very important for everyone to change with the times. One such most important thing in the present society is English. Mainly every field requires a basic knowledge of English, this thing tells us the importance of the language in our life. So, how we can learn this language easily is the biggest task. As it is not easy for a village person to travel the long distance daily to attend the tuitions or this problem is faced by urban people too. As we all are experiencing a nationwide lockdown for all the tutoring institutes.

So, the question is how we can learn this thing in such a condition. The basic answer to all such questions is online. But many of you feel that online tutors are so much expensive. If you are thinking so then the solution I am going to tell you the best and the cheapest way to learn English communication skills

most quickly.

The way is by the use of apps, the apps are considered as the best, as you can access all these things during your free time. And you don’t have to worry about attending the lectures daily. You can access all these things as per your favourable. SO, the first app is:

1. Grammarly:

The best app for improving communication skills. The app provides you with the best framework for improving your writing skills and also tells you the proper things. The best thing about the app is the suggestions. With the suggestions, the app also explains the reason behind that.

Advantages of the app:

  1. you can use this app as your permanent use keyboard and you come to know many unknown facts about the writing.
  2. And it is quite obvious that writing the things right helps you to implement them in your speaking too.

You can access the premium of the app too if you want to write content for some projects or research papers. Otherwise, the free variant is enough to understand the basics of Language.

And the best thing about the app is that even I am also a Grammarly user. I used to write the content on Grammarly and I feel its suggestions very helpful in my writing.

2. BBC Learning English:

One more very good app for those people who are knowledgeable as well as literature seekers. As app provides you with such a framework that you come to learn things most interesting and I bet that no other app provides you with the same framework.

As mainly everyone who knows news knows the BBC in a very well manner. So, the way of teaching this app is the same. The app teaches you with the help of daily important news. The app plans a daily three minutes lesson for you in which come to know many things about the news as well as about the vocabulary too.

I found this thing the most interesting way to teach things. I also wanted to try this app for once. So, for that I want your help try the app and tell me the reviews of the app in the comment section.

3. Duolingo- The best all-rounder

Till now I have told you about the apps that improve your communication skills with the help of writing and reading. But some of us are also those who don’t like both things. SO, this app is recommended to those. The app is the best all-rounder for all such types of problems. You can learn here by any means. If you are the reader, then you can learn by reading from here. Otherwise, you can opt for the choice between writing and listening. And I feel that this is the best thing about the app as App provides a lot of choices to learn most effectively.

Besides these choices, you can also play games here about words like find synonyms, find the verb, etc. The app also provides a leaderboard Challenge where you can participate with many other people who are learning the same things with you. You can judge your performance by that leaderboard. You have to open the levels of the game to make your performance excellent on the leaderboard.

This thing about the game makes it more effective and makes the language fun to learn. Even it is also said that 34 hours of Duolingo session is just equal to the one university course which takes nearly six months to complete.

These all the apps are free and you can access them just by opening your account in them. If you want to make learning more fun than it is preferred for you to choose the premium pack. As premium will help you to learn things somewhat in a little easier way. But there is not as such necessary.

Besides these, many other apps are available online from where you can learn things like;

  • Quiz for English: The app considered best for exam preparations like IELTS. 
  • The British Council: The best app for grammar seekers. 
  • The 6000 words: Best app for the person who wants to learn vocabulary. 
  • Being: Best for readers
  • Hello, Talk The best app for listener lovers. 

 So, these are some of the apps for your help in the field of communication. If you want any other help from us about any other field, then let us know through the comment section and share the content with your friends and family who wants to improve their communication skills.


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