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BOOKS; a very small word with lots of meaning hidden inside it. My first question to every reader is What is the meaning of Books?

What are they all about?

The answer to both the questions is different for every person. As some people feel it interesting to read the books and find the hidden meaning inside the subject. While others used to read the Books for their overall development like sharpening their thoughts or skills. So, Books stands different for every different creative mind.

So, I am going to tell you the meaning of Books to you according to me. Nearly a month ago or say a week ago Books are nothing for me except a piece of some paper that we used to read-only when we are going to give the exams. But besides all these things there a deep meaning resides inside the books. In today’s world books are considered great teachers. Books teach us so many great qualities like leadership, make us confident, teaches us the adventures of life, that what life is all about.

Now after reading this thing the biggest question that is arising in your mind is that Why I am showing this much concern about books. There’s a reason behind this. As today I am going to introduce some of the great books that you need to study in 2021.

The Books that I am going to recommend to you are not just found interested by me. Many other philosophers in the world feel the same as me or maybe I feel the same as them.


I think the best book of all time for the students who are pursuing their senior secondary studies or have joined the college as freshers. Besides these others also need to read this book once in their life. As the story teaches us a very deep lesson of following our dreams.

The book teaches us four things these are:

  1. First is “Sometimes the things that seem simple to us are extraordinary and we are not able to see them as such god wants us to see”.
  2. Second is “The God have already decided the destination for us and also the path to reach there. The only things that up to us that to take the push start and head up towards the destination“.
  3. Third and the main theme of the story is “When you are dedicated towards your work, the whole universe will always trying to send you to that place where you want to reach”.
  4. Forth and the best according to me is “You will never be going to escape your heart so never lie to it, always try to satisfy it with your work not by making lies to yourself”.

These are some of the great lines that Paulo Coelho teaches us through the story of the shepherd. And the book is also considered one of the best inspirational books at the time.


The best entrepreneurship book that you must have to go through once in your life if you have a goal of becoming an entrepreneur in your life. The Book covers the whole concept of entrepreneurship. Some of the great question that the book explains to us are:

  1. What’s the reason behind the successful and simple worker? They both work hard but the positions that they both achieved are different.
  2. The book also explains the question that why it is said that “Why Environment and surroundings play a very important role in the achievements of the person”. Like it is said that if you want to become an artist then you have to join the artist college, not the engineering college. What’s the reason behind that, The Book explains everything about these concepts.
  3. The book also teaches how to set up relationships to create a productive and healthier environment. There are over more than 30 exercises are discussed in the book related to all these problems.

So, the book is considered as one of the best readers for future entrepreneurs, who are going to build the capital for the world.


The book is considered one of the best sellers in the field of personality development as through this book you are going to look at a lot of things about your inner self.

The books going to describe the ways to untie your ego from your inner self. The book also teaches us the way to tackle the inner energy. The book flows you through the beauty of life and allows you to go through that river by the peace of your heart and mind.

The author of the book Michael A. Singer wrote a very beautiful quote in Book which means that the best moment is when you come to realize that you are not the voice of your mind, there is something other than the mind lying inside your body. And reaching the body at that place is the best that you can achieve. The three main lessons that you are going to learn from the book are:

  1. You have two versions of yourself inside you. One is for social work and one is for yourself. These versions are necessary to understand that what you are in actually.
  2. The only thing that gives you positive vibes is the inner you. Nothing other than this going to handle you in bad situations.
  3. The most important lesson ‘You always have to think of death as this is the only way which keeps you motivated towards your priorities and help you complete them in the right way.

So, these are some of the great books that you all have to study in the next upcoming year. These are just enough to change your mindset and give you a kick start for a great future. And Never be afraid of failures as these are the best teachers of life.


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