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How to choose Career options after 12th

The topic we are going to discuss today is the new generation who are going to pass out from their senior secondary in the next three to four months. So, after completing their 12, most of them going to pursue higher studies. When they are going to think about it then there are lots of questions that arise in their mind. Sometimes they feel frustrated and started thinking about thinking nothing after the 12th. So, today I am going to explain how to choose the best choice for them if they want to do something great in their lives.

Let, s start discussing the ways that are very helpful to students for choosing career options after 12th. The topic belongs to those students who didn’t select their goals yet. The ones who are set with their goals can pursue their career as their ways.

1. Relax your mind:

The first that every student has to do after the exams is to give some peace of mind. As the mind of students is so tensed at that time because of exam pressure and all. Two to three days rest is compulsory as well as important at that time. Then when a student is done with rest and feels that now he is good to go with his career

. Then he needs to start thinking about different fields available to him in his/her respective stream.

The question during opting for some career is what are the criteria on which we have to select career option:


  • Passionate for what: The first thing is to check the passion towards which stream you feel more attracted to and which looks easy to you for future references.
  • Compare it with the industry that the stream is in trend or not: This is also a major aspect as if you choose a field not according to the criteria then it becomes quite difficult for you to get success in life.
  • Consulting to the stream people: Consultation is very important for the references because this may possible that in future you feel quite uninterested in your studies in particular fields.

These are some of the things that you need to continuously think about in your mind for the perfect choice.

2. Choice can be made in the way:

#a. Pursue the same course which he/she adopted in senior secondary studies: This is quite good for the students who don’t like do experiments in life. The best thing about choosing a career in this way is that knowing the field is definitely considered a plus point for the student.

#b. Pursue a different course: This is seen that many students also liked to change their in the trusted field as they didn’t find anything interesting in the particular field. Now they want to do something new and like to experiment with their life. The one who is going to take such steps always needs to be motivated in life. Then only he/she will be able to get the place where he/she wants. To opt for such courses one must need to do some research in the field, where he/she is going.

#c.Try to Build up the skills and not put emphasis on the course: As we see that many students prefer to do some professional courses just to inculcate some skills in them and this could be a plus point for them. Students can also pursue these types of courses with their regular studies.

#3. Make Career Choices:

If you are not able to make one choice then you have one more way to make your choice more clear. You have to make 4-5 choices. When you clear with all your choices then you have to start surfing in each field from top to low priority. As you go from top to low you come to know that where you are lagging and in which course you can make that lag a plus point. After searching in each field you come to know by yourself that what you are going to do in your higher studies. One more thing that you need to take seriously is that long term goals also patch up with your choice.

This whole thing takes nearly one month if you are paying 2hours a day. When you are done with your choices. You are ready to take the next step:

Analyze your Potential:

The best way to analyze your potential is the online content available these days related to all the fields. So, what you have to do is to go online check the basic syllabus of all your choices and try to take them one by one. This gives you an outlook of your course and you will able to know that you are good to go with this or not. If you are not able to find your way in the field then you can change it as you have the time of nearly one to two months left.

Follow the path to your chosen field:

When you have done up with all these things I assure you that you have the best choice now to go within your future life.

The only thing you have to do is to always stay motivated towards your goals and always try to learn something new. The best way to stay motivated is to prepare a timetable and include time for reading books of great philosophers in it. Reading books gives you a sense of new thinking’s and you always feel a positive vibe towards your future goals.

If then by chance you are not interested in your field at the end you can do one thing that tries to get knowledge in core subjects. As this thing strengthens your basics and you will able to crack for the job and in the next few years you are in the condition to follow your passion. At that time you feel that we are not did anything wrong in our higher studies.

So, I feel that you all are going to build a good future and are going to become the best version of yourself in the future. So, all the best to all of you for your bright future.



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