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Perfect Guide to Students Success

Today’s topic is different from all other topics, today we are to talk about one of the most important and necessary things these days. As there is lots of negativity around us in our environment. So, to get out of all those things we need something different. Today I am going to explain all the necessary things that students need to inculcate in their routine to become different from all those who are running in the rat race. Before starting, it is also necessary that we know the bad habits or the negative thoughts that come to us. Firstly let’s talk about these things. So, it becomes easy for us to find that particular thing on which we have to work. These are generally named as problems by students.


The very common problem in students when they just passed Senior secondary and entered into the colleges or in their professional life. So the question is what the reason behind such type of feeling is.

  • The first is the feeling of homesickness as we know that most of the students have to leave their homes. This gives rise to a sense of insecurity as we are the first time from out of home and we have to perform all our tasks by ourselves. This gives problem to mainly all the freshers.
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The biggest problem that arises to each freshy is bad health. This arises due to unusual timings of food. As many students don’t prefer to make food by themselves or not like the hotel food. They started taking fast food continuously, this is not good for the health of students. So, they have to understand that their health is a primary asset. If they wanted to achieve well in academics then they have to take food.

Students have to put some emphasis on their they have to pay attention to exercise. As exercise gives enough strength to the digestive system and also strengthens our immune system. So, Students have to understand this problem and also have to take remedial steps to take one step ahead of their goals.


This is also a very common problem in a student’s life, as they are not able to get adequate sleep due to a tight schedule. They used to take classes from 9 to 5 and after that, they have many other works like assignments, projects. They get indulged in all these works and sometimes do not remember to get adequate sleep. This proved harmful to their health and causes laziness and tiredness to them. So, they have to take adequate sleep to achieve their targets. If they get adequate sleep then it is only possible they are going to do their work without any disturbance.


It is also well known to us that drugs are a very common cause behind the change in the attitude of students. As these are narcotics which cause damage to the mind of students and resist them from following their passion and goals. This is a common cause behind the deterioration in the grades of students in very big renowned colleges.

The cause behind the students used to take drugs is the pressure of work, bad friendship, and many other reasons. But the students have to understand that this is dangerous for them as well for their future. To protect themselves from all such bad things students have to some measures these are:

  • They have to stay away from all such people who are used to deal with all this kind of stuff.
  • Secondly, students need to indulge themselves in recreational activities which give some entertainment to the minds of students. This thing help students from indulging in all these kind of activities.


We all know that as students enter college life many of them become so free that they even forgot about their studies. This is the worst thing in student life as if the student is not going to study then how we can say that he/she is a student or not. The main motto of a student’s life is to acquire knowledge and if he/she is not acquiring knowledge then there is no purpose left in his/her life.

So, to face all these types of problems students have to make a time-table in which they have to allow time for all the important activities. This makes their life disciplined and also helps them giving a push to their goals too.

There are many other problems that students face in starting their career in higher studies. But if they are truly dedicated to their works then they are going to achieve their goals one day in a very short time.


Now it’s the time, to sum up, the whole discussion but I only want to give some tips to the freshy to make their routine life more graceful or give them head start towards their goals.

  1. Every freshy has to start gymming, as it is very helpful. It is going to give benefits like good health, rejuvenates the mind, and also helpful in getting away from drugs, etc.
  2. Every student has to take some basic knowledge of computer as it is going to become the basic need for every educated person soon. And this is also a plus point for students when they are going to apply for some job and all that.
  3. Extra work; every student needs to inculcate one such thing in life which give jeel to them every time towards their goals. Like commerce, students need that they have to join such communities which give knowledge related to all those things to them and computer students need to join its groups and all that to sharpen their knowledge in the field. This thing going to be a plus point for them in the future.

So, I feel that you all can get the idea of my talk that what I want to say and also hope that will be going to get the benefit of it.


All the Best to everyone for a bright future.


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