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Top 6 Best Cafes in Himachal Pradesh

Today’s topic is quite interesting and every traveler to Himachal and coffee lover is quite interested in knowing about it. As we know that the coffee is the first choice of every traveler as sometimes it is said that coffee tells us about the trip, that it is going to amazing or bore. let’s talk about some of the most interesting and good coffee points in Himachal near the tourist places.

1. Wake & Bake

One of the best cafes present in Shimla. The place is present on Mall Road. The cafe is situated in a very good place as you come to see that you will be able to see the middle view of the Shimla from here. The food choices available here are just as good as the beautiful views. The prices there are not so high as you can get a one-time meal in just 800 rupees for two people. Besides its prices, choices available and view the place is famous for one more thing that is the inspiring paintings on the walls. The walls of the cafe are very beautiful as you come to see 3D paintings on them this thing make the place cozy like we are at our house. If you are interested to visit Shimla and fond of visiting the cafe too then this can be the best choice for you and your mates.


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2. Cafe Shimla Times

One more wonderful cafe present in Shimla. The cafe is situated in the same place on Mall Road. The best thing about the place is that this is situated near the Shimla Tourism Lift. The place is full of many older antique pieces like the Fiat on the entrance, Mural pieces on walls, etc.

If you are fond of Western cuisines then this place is one of the best places for you. The place is quite expensive, as you nearly need 1500 rupees to manage a one-time meal here. The hospitality is just nice in the cafe. The view of the lower parts of Shimla is quite beautiful from here. The place is also known for its Choice in Indian Music. If you are fond of Indian Music then you will be going to enjoy the trip to the cafe.

3. Jim Morrison Cafe, Kasol

The cafe comes in the list of top 5 in Kasol. The cafe is a mix of Indian and Israeli culture. So, you come to find both types of cuisines here. This is considered one of the places if you love vegetarian cuisines. One more exciting thing about the cafe is that you will also come to see the Mexican food there, which is the best thing about the place.

The cuisines are also quite cheap as 800 rupees is enough to get the meal of two-person for one time. Besides all these things, the looks of the place also very beautiful. You can choose the seating arrangement according to you. If you are fond of rustic looks then you can go to the center room where you come to see the rustic view which just touches your heart. But if you want to enjoy nature then you need to go to the side of the cafe from where you come to see the beautiful view of Kasol.

4. Cafe Evergreen, Manali

The most popular cafe in Manali and also the oldest cafe in the valley. You come to enjoy nearly six types of cuisines here these are Israeli, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Iranian, etc. Coming to this place is considered one of the best things to do in Manali. The cafe is surrounded by trees from all sides. And if you love to enjoy the cuisines in the greenery then this place best to live your fantasy. You will also be able to see the beautiful views of the mountains of Manali from here. The place is also cheap as you will be able to manage a meal for two people in just 600 rupees. The cafe is situated on the Manu Temple Road, Old Manali. If you like to visit Manali this winter then this place is added to your destination list.

5. Illiterati, Dharamshala

Best cafe in Himachal Pradesh. The Place is totally different from any other cafe present in Himachal. I bet that you will not be able to find such type of place in Himachal. This is a tourist place in itself, as people just come to Dharamshala to see the place and enjoy the cuisines.

The reason behind the popularity of the place is the presence of photographers, trekkers, and readers. The place is very liked by such type of people who are fond of nature and thinkings. The Cafe is surrounded by snowy mountains from all sides. The dawn and dusk views are just heart touching. And if you visit this place once in your life you will come to fall in love with it. The prices are also not so high as 800 is sufficient to arrange a meal for two. The best thing about the recipe for the cafe is the tea and the hot chocolate. If you going to the McLeod gang then you have to visit the place at my suggestion.

6. Freedom cafe, Vashisht, Kullu

One of the best beautiful view cafe in Kullu. The place well defines the real meaning of the Himachal, and what Himachal really is. You come to feel the real beauty of the Himalayas with an outstanding meal there. As you will able to see the whole Kullu from here. You will be able to get all types of meals and beverages there from breakfast to late-night dinners and from masala chai to coffee. The Cafe is also one of the cheapest, as 400 is enough for two people. This place going to be the best destination on the way to the Leh-Manali for the stay or enjoy the view of the Himalayas.

These are some of the best cafes in Himachal Pradesh that must be included in your travel plan for these winters. SO, be ready to enjoy the trip with some best cafes.

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