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How to Make Dalgona Coffee Recipe at Home

Dalgona, the word seems very interesting and I am sure no one knows the real meaning of the word and also the place from where this name originated. So, we are going to tell you lots of things today related to Dalgona. We are going to put some light on the word Dalgona, also discuss the health benefits of drinking Dalgona, come to know about how to make Dalgona coffee recipe at home convenience and we are going to tell you one of the best places in Himachal Pradesh. to enjoy the taste of best Dalgona while your trip.

Let’s begin with today’s topic:

What Dalgona means and the story behind its popularity…

The word Dalgona coffee origin from the Korean word ppopgi which means “honeycomb toffee” which is very famous street food in Korea. With the change of decades, people change the recipe of the toffee and a sweet -tasty milky coffee originated from it that was named on another meaning of ppopgi, Dalgona.

Reason for popularity:

As we all know that everyone is in problems during the lockdown in the year 2020 and trying to find out new ways to chill and entertain yourself. This is one of the trends of that lockdown. During the lockdown, we come to see that on many social media platforms people are posting new content, and just like that someone posted the video related to Dalgona coffee, and then it’s started taking fire as a Dalgona challenge on social media. This makes many people to Dalgona, many people started searching on the web about how to make Dalgona at home and these all the things contribute to the popularity of the coffee. Before this coffee was very famous in South Korea. That’s the reason for the popularity of coffee. Now move on to the main topic which is how to make Dalgona coffee recipe at home

. So, the first thing that we need is the ingredients.


Ingredients for Dalgona coffee:

  1. Granulated Sugar-(2 tablespoons)
  2. Instant coffee sashes
  3. Coldwater-(2 tablespoons to mix the sugar and the instant coffee powder)
  4. Ice-(to make the coffee chill)
  5. Milk-(the chief ingredient for the coffee)

Now we have the ingredients ready with us. So, now it’s time to make coffee with the use of these ingredients.

Steps to make coffee include;

  1. Take a medium-size bowl; add sugar, coffee, and water to it. Have a shaker or hand mixer and mix everything inside the bowl vigorously until the mixture inside the bowl doesn’t become silky or shiny. you also have to make the mixture somewhat thick and foamy so that it holds the ingredients in the cup. (It takes a minimum of 8-12 minutes by hand to make this mixture proper.)
  2. Take a glass or cup and pour some milk in it with some cubes of ice. Then pour the mixture you have made in the first step.
  3. After pouring you are almost ready to have the coffee. But sometimes it is seen that the ingredients inside the cup don’t mix well. So, you have to mix them well before drinking for the real taste.
  4. This is the most simple recipe for the Dalgona. Sometimes people use many other things with all these ingredients to enjoy more taste like you can cocoa power half the coffee powder with the hot water and no ice mix. This will give you a very tasty flavor of Dalgona known as mocha.
  5. Some people add cream to the mix which gives smoothness to it and enhances the taste of the coffee.
  6. These are some of the simple ways of making Dalgona coffee at home. You can also try many other combinations of your choice. I am quite sure you all are going to enjoy it.

This is it about the making of Dalgona but a question remains about these drinks as many people believe that these are not good for health. So, I am going to tell you some of the key benefits of it, which will make you fall in love with this.

Health Benefits of Dalgona:

  1. Helps in Weight Loss: You can use coconut sugar instead of regular sugar, as this will help you in releasing some weight. Coconut sugar has many more health benefits than simple sugar like it contains a small number of minerals, fiber and also have fewer antioxidants as compared to regular sugar which has more fructose content.
  2. Result in less risk of blood sugar: coconut sugar has a low glycemic index of 54 which indicates that it is going to make less sugar content inside the body and insulin has to work less. This advantage can protect us from sugar disease.
  3. Helps to relieve acidity: It is also found that coffee also helps in relieving acidity as the milk used in the coffee has many digestion advantages. As the calcium and protein present inside the milk help in relieving heartburn.
  4. Gives Instant Energy boosts: This is an advantage of any such type of beverage. As nutrients inside the coffee give boosts to your energy make you less tired and smarter.
  5. Slightly less caffeine: Caffeine is known for the property of clotting in nerves, tumors, etc. SO, this is considered quite harmful for us. And it is seen that Dalgona has less caffeine content as compared to regular coffee.

These are some of the benefits of Dalgona coffee over regular coffee. So, instead of opting for the regular style, you can go for Dalgona.

SO, it’s time to cover the last aim of the topic, which is to tell you about some of the famous restaurants in Himachal Pradesh. So, that while you are traveling to Himachal you are not going to find any issue in planning your trip.

Famous Dalgona restaurants in Himachal Pradesh:

  1. Illiterati: #1 Best restaurant in Himachal Pradesh for enjoying the view with the delicious coffee.
  2. Freedom Cafe, Kullu: #1 for the view. You can enjoy the tremendous view of the place with a cup of coffee and this will make you feel like you are in heaven.
  3. Cafe 1947: #1 best destination for coffee and food in Manali with the tremendous view of the valley.

These are some of the very famous restaurants of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the meals during your trips with a cup of coffee and a beautiful view. For more details, you can refer to our article on restaurants where I have explained each thing.

That’s all for now, have a nice day.


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