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How to Make 🍎 apple crisp recipe with oats at Home

Hey Everyone… today we have brought something very interesting for you. The article is especially for foodies or for those who like to taste new things at their home convenience. I am sure that this is going to be very interesting to talk about one of the most famous food these days.

So today’s topic of our discussion is the apple crisp and apple crisp recipe best of all. We are going to tell you many things which you are going to like very much like How to make apple crisps recipe at home, apple crisp recipe with oats and also without oats, what are the benefits those.


So, instead of wasting the time on other discussion let’s come to the point and begin with today topic that is apple crisps:

What apple crisp is?…

Apple is usually a type of dessert with streusel topping on it. Streusel is made of a mixture of flour sugar and Butter, and this is the main ingredient to make apple crisps so tasty. It is also known as apple Crumble, as many times we come to see baked chopped toppings with oats and brown sugar. Apple crisps are made up of many different-different ingredients and people tend to make them in their ways to make them taste different from usual ones.


Some of the commonly used ingredients in apple crisp are;

  • Brown Sugar
  • Butter
  • cooked apples or dried apples
  • cinnamon
  • flour

People also used to prefer apple crisp with oats or nutmegs, ginger. So, to give apple crisp a grungy taste. We are going to tell each and everything one by one just be with us till the end.

Is Apple Crisps Recipe Easy to understand…?

This is a very common question in everyone’s mind who is new in the kitchen and who doesn’t know that what apple crisp is. So, we are going to tell you the real things about the crisp and also going to tell you the best apple crisps recipe.

Recipe is;

  • First thing is that cut some apples into small cubes. It all depends on you which type of apples you want in your crisp.
  • then add some sugar to the apple cubes bowl.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder to the bowl too.
  • Add one small cup of lemon juice to it if you like to have a lemon flavor in your crisp. Then mix everything in the bowl well with a spoon.
  • Take another bowl and add every ingredient you want to add like the people who like oats can have oats in the bowl.
  • Add flour to the bowl as equal to the number of apples. then put some butter in it and mix the ingredients well
  • After you are done with everything take a dish and butter the walls of the dish well and mix the ingredients of both the bowl in the dish.
  • Then put the dish inside the microwave for 40-45 minutes. Until then what you can do is have some bottles of juice from the nearby shop.
  • Now remove the dish from the when the ingredients inside it become golden brown. After removing the dish you come to see that the ingredients inside the bowl look too soft and even tastier.
  • Then the only thing left to do is just serve the crisp on the plate or a bowl. And you are ready to go with the best homemade apple crisp.
  • The best part about the apple crisp is that you can have it with the ice cream and many other different-different things like chocolate, shakes, etc. It just tastes awesome.


Now the only thing left is to have a bite of the crisp you made and just enjoy it with your friends or family. This recipe is the modern way to bake apple crisps. But if you like to make the old traditional grandma-style then we are also going to add a little about it. As the ingredients are just similar, the only difference is the baking style. The old grandma style is also known by the name of “apple crisp recipe pioneer woman” in many big restaurants. So, the way of cooking grandma-style is;


  • The whole recipe is the same as the above just except for the butter. As in grandma, the butter is going to be added in the end also.
  • So, how you are going to do. you have to heat butter in a different utensil with some oats if you like. Otherwise, there are many apple crisp recipe without oats like instead of oats you can add carrots to make the crisp healthier, etc.


This is all about the recipe for the crisp. But if you don’t want to make it at the home then you can also prefer to go outside. I will tell you the best apple crisp dishes that will make you feel like you are on top of this world. These are;


  1. Old Fashioned Easy Apple Crisp: the crisp is too tasty as the main ingredient in the crisp is butter. The one who likes the butter most will definitely be going to fall in love with this flavour.
  2. Apple Crisp with Oat Toppings: The most famous dish nowadays and as well as the modern version of grandma edition.
  3. Apple Crisp with Streusel topping: The Simplest style of apple crisp. But the taste of it just touches the heart and on taking the first bite you have that feeling of eating something great.


So, this is all about the recipes and all about the apple crisp. I hope you like it and if you are in Himachal Pradesh and want to enjoy the apple crisp then these are some of the great places;


#1: My Crazy Good Life: apple crisp in the jar.

#2: Planet Oat restaurant: Maple Apple Crisp with Spiced oat ice cream.

#3: Averie Cooks: Fast deliver Apple Crisp for one.

So, never forgot to try the best food in the best restaurants in Himachal.


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