Locals of Himachal Being Empowered with New Technologies

For better income support, the new technologies are now helping out the locals residents of Himachal. This statement was made by the NGOs and experts at the Himachal Science Congress. According to the speakers, the scientists should spread the reach of technologies to the remotest parts of Himachal and that would offer a better option for financial development among the people there.

Display by the NGOs:

Along with their announcements and discussions, the NGO also made the display of their products in one exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. VK Saraswat, a member of NITI Ayog. Dr. Saraswat paid a visit to the stalls and expressed his satisfaction with the initiative that the NGOs had taken. He mentioned, “India has a huge potential and new technologies can end poverty and improve the lifestyle of people.” His words were full of appreciation about these NGO’s.

The Exhibition:

There were different kinds of exhibitions there where the NGO’s displayed the new technologies and how they are helpful in their daily lives. Apart from that, fruit, food, and honey processing options and technologies are also displayed by one of the NGOs which came from Dehradun. The women groups were heavily attracted by this exhibition and they asked several questions regarding how to make the proper use of the same. Other exhibition stalls included information regarding the improvements of the cattle breed and the development of the water resource. These stalls were filled with so many enthusiasts who tried to connect how they would be able to make use of these new technologies.

Concluding Ceremony:

At the concluding ceremony, the winners of the exhibition were awarded and the prizes were given by Justice Sanjay Karol, the Chief Justice of HP High Court. At the same event, almost four hundred participants were there who submitted their research papers on the better lifestyle of people with the use of technology.

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