No Tolerance for Padmavati Movie in Himachal Pradesh Also
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No Tolerance for Padmavati Movie in Himachal Pradesh Also

After Rajasthan Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, Padmavati Movie is not facing protest in Himachal Pradesh as well. Warnings came from the All India Kshatriya Mahasabha youth wing about this films directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. They warned that the release of this film on Himachal would strongly be opposed in every way.

Padmavati Movie

The Allegations:

Suraj Pratap Singh Chandel, the Youth Wing President held a meeting in Basi, Kahlur where this decision was taken. Suraj Pratap Singh Chandel also made the allegations that Mr. Bhansali had distorted the Rajpur history all through the film. He mentioned that the portrayal of the queen was objectionable in the film. According to him, still now the women, the wives of the Rajputs and the ones residing at the Raj Bhavan in Rajasthan stay in a curtain. But in his film, Mr. Bhansali

has distorted the fact and made the Rajput History totally a mockery for the viewers. Suraj Pratap Singh Chandel has clearly maintained about the protest that would come on behalf of Kshatriya Mahasabha and that would continue unless and until the film is banned.

Warning Given:

Further warnings came from him when he mentioned that in spite of all this protest, if the film Padmavati is released in Himachal, then strong steps are waiting to be taken in the General Assembly. Ge demanded that the State Government has to take the right steps to ensure their demand.


It is important to mention here that the controversy on Padmavati Movie has been going on for past few months starting with the vandalizing of sets by the Karni Sena during the film’s shoot to the recent protests over the release of a film. The Karni Sena, as well as many other Hindu groups, has made allegations of the wrong presentation of history and wrong portrayal of women in Rajasthan. The echo of this is heard in Mr. Chandel’s voice.


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