Manali Rohtang Ropeway Project- Himachal Pradesh Government to expedite the Scheme

The economy of the state of Himachal Pradesh is highly dependent on the tourism sector. That mountainous state has been a site of tourist attraction from the very beginning. Tourists love to visit Himachal for its appealing sceneries, soothing weather, aesthetic monuments, Buddhist temples, spectacular landscapes etc. Now, the Himachal government is directed to hasten the Manali Rohtang Ropeway Project to increase tourism and ensure least adverse effect on ecology and environment. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed Himachal government to expedite this ropeway project so that the tourist can enjoy the place to the fullest.


Key Features of the Project

  • It is a 9km long pathway that is expected to cost 390 crores rupees.

  • The bench has finalized the project to be completed with least damage to greenery so that the plan is in compliance with ecology and environment

  • Rehabilitation of the people affected by the project is assured under the Relief and Rehabilitation scheme of the state government

  • The residents of the area are convinced so that they may not feel discouraged by the construction of Ropeway.

  • In 2015, the Himachal government has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a private company regarding this project

  • This ropeway will reduce the carbon emission from the vehicles by reducing traffic on the road concerned

  • The tourists and residents both will be able to cross the Rohtang pass in winters readily after completion of this Project. As during winters the roads are choked due to snow fall

  • One of the reasons to construct this ropeway is the heavy influx of traffic on the roads

  • NGT has asked the government to see the possibility to establish the ropeways in Bhrigu Laka, Hamta Pass, Kothi Peak, Patalsu Peak, Shilla Thatch and Chanderkhani Pass to let the tourists watch the snow fall.

In an attempt to smoothen the traffic and making an easy path for tourists and residents of the area, the government should expedite the Manali-Rohtang Ropeway project and complete it as soon as possible.

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