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Open source software will be free for public- Government of Bulgaria

The Government of Bulgaria has made it mandatory for the open-source software to improve and strengthen its security and be competitive with the commercially coded software. Stringent measures are taken to make the process more transparent and free from corruption

The new legislation will require software developed for Government purposes to be made public and should free to use. This law is effective for Government commissioned software only. Free and Open Source Software Compliant (FOSS) is the need for all software to be developed for the ruling administration

The Bulgarian IT industry has grown at a faster rate and hence more transparency should be developed. The European countries want to create a level playing field for the IT industry and hence help its youth to get better perks from this sector.


Existing licenses will follow the previous IT laws and doesn’t require following the new legislation. On the contrary, only 10 % of the contracts will come under this like military, secret service, and official segment.

The new law is not meant to drive away companies like Oracle or Microsoft but only to make the complete process open to public scrutiny as taxpayer’s money is involved. The risk factor is decreased by the use of open-source software. Moreover, better software means good and effective service for the public. As everything in this digital world is moving at a faster rate, so the necessary improvement in technology is a must.

A new group is formed to enforce the law and eventually make all IT contracts public.

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