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Blackberry Classic is Officially Dead

Once upon a time, Canadian Smartphone tech giant RIM telecommunications has announced that it will stop manufacturing the BlackBerry Classic model. This will mark an end to the era of button operable Smartphone to an end. The company said it has been a great workhorse for all customers but has exceeded the lifespan of an average Smartphone



The classic model was launched in the market in 2014 to entice users who may still prefer to use the physical keyboard rather than a touchscreen version.

Classic was launched with similarities to its earlier bold series of smartphones with the Blackberry 10 operating system.

To survive in the market Blackberry has finally moved on to Alphabet’s incorporation of Android OS for its smartphones like Priv. Ralph Pini the company CEO said that Blackberry would be innovating with its handset design and will innovate, this would help Blackberry make a profit and turn around in the market by September. However, even after this move made by Blackberry its share in the Canadian market fell by more than 3 percent.

Since the success of Apple as a smartphone Blackberries, dominance in the market has been wiped out and it is more concentrating on its software business where it gives a solution to government and software companies to manage their devices. Some analysts have even advised the Waterloo-based company to do away with its handset business entirely as it is loss-making.

Blackberry has also officially told the two major US telecom carriers Verizon and AT and T that all devices running Black berry will be discontinued.


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