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The Internet of Medical Things a New Concept

If you have ever been to a hospital you may not miss the fact about the long time taken for the nurses to make hourly measurements for vitals and also the bedside works. However, if all the patients had wearable devices that can send the signals to a central monitoring unit just imagine the time saved and the ease at which the patients can be monitored, without disturbing them. Thus arrives the concept of the internet of things

which can bring a new era of medical care in health care.

Routine doctor-patient visits may gradually reduce as IoT devices at home will have sensors that will monitor our health and vitals and help look at ourselves and alert us whenever necessary.

A very good example of the use of IoT in the field of surgery is where the device creates a 3D image of the area of the body part to be operated which is superimposed on the real-time image. This, in turn, enables the surgeons to target or avoid specific nerves or blood vessels and make the operation safe.

IoT devices can be very much helpful for the aging population also as wearable smart devices can provide a reading of blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol in the blood, blood sugar, weight, and other vitals at home. In the future, if these are connected to a specific healthcare provider as chosen by the user they may get the alert and take necessary care

IoT will change healthcare delivery in a big way.


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