PMI ACP Scenario Based v2 Sample Questions

The primary aim of most organizations all around The World Is to have and enhance profitability for the company. Profitability plays a very important role for each and every organization as it is the only parameter that decides if an organization is performing well in the market. The profitability of an organization is calculated after the total investment made by the company is reduced from the total revenue collected after the entire process of sales of the product and services.

while profitability actually plays a very crucial role for each and every organization numerous organizations actually struggle to enhance their profitability. Organizations that profitability is reducing their investments or enhancing their revenue collection but both these methods are extremely loud and not practical in today’s date. the most beneficial method in which an organization can enhance the profitability of the companies by working on a project. a project is a temporary endeavor of an organization that is completely focused on creating a unique product meant to have a market impact for the organization to enhance the profitability for the company.


Projects are considered to be one of the most beneficial ways to enhance the profitability of the organization. But managing a project as many organizations field to successfully manage projects.

What is PMI ACP?

There are numerous projects that are completely functional in the market. Among the project management methodology, the one project management that has been considered to be one of the most prominent and beneficial is the agile project management method. The agile project management method is the most functional and beneficial project management methodology out there in the real world where all the fundamentals of a project are addressed.

This project management methodology has been considered so beneficial as it has completely replaced the conventional waterfall method of project management. agile project management to be very practical and professional for getting certifications in the field of agile project management methodology to enhance their career. The most prominent certification a professional can get in the field of agile project management method is the PMI ACP certification.

This certification is actually issued by the project management institute which is considered to be the most prominent institute for the project management guidelines and certifications. The certification actually carries a very high level of professional integrity for anyone who gets the certification that is one of the most respected project management certifications in the entire world. irrespective of the fact that it has a very monotone approach towards the software delivery system in the organization it is still considered to be very efficient and beneficial as it uses the most prominent tools and techniques to enhance the performance of the company while working on a project. Getting the certification is clearly not a very difficult task and a professional who has the PMI ACP training has the capability to clear the exam and give the certificate.

Sample Situational questions

  • You doing a team leader of a particular group of professionals working on a project, what would be the plan of action for the distribution of work?

Understanding the concept of the entire is very important in it is the responsibility of the team leader to help the team understand why your organization is focused on that particular project. After understanding and accepting the ideology behind the project it is very important for the distribution of all the tasks among the team with respect to the capabilities of the professionals present in the team. the first task would be creating a deadline and measuring all the tasks which are meant to be followed by the professionals in the deadline. The next task understands the specialty of a particular professional and which field they can actually perform well in the project. later allotting a proper guideline which is to be performed by the professional keeping in respect to the capabilities and the deadline.

  • How would you select the right team for working on a project dealing with several Information Technology software?

Looking forward to the right team can actually be very challenging as a team should be made out of different professionals who have the capability to perform well in different sectors. The professional should look forward to talented software developers and other professionals who were deleted to software development by any grounds to be a part of the team and have the right knowledge to use that knowledge to bring the project a great success. there are numerous sample situation questions which a professional can refer to while preparing for the interview for examination for the pmi-acp certification. why situational questions are completely unpredictable and a professional should have an open mindset to understand the question and answer according to the demand of the situation

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