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Soft Touch LLC – Offering Quality to Customers

IT is playing a very vital role in today’s world. Mostly everything around, we form a small remote to machines is working on some product related to IT industry. That’s why we see many world leaders saying “IT is revolutionizing the world”.

This IT helps us make our world a different world than we think off. We are changing the nature of products as per our needs. This thing is structuring a sense of positive competition all around the world. Mainly every corporation is trying to provide the best to their customers.

One such company is Soft Touch Trading LLC. The company specially made for IT Networking’s, Mobility and electronic gadgets enthusiasts. It is also the part of GCC-‘The Gulf Corporation Council’. The council specially made for gulf countries to make the purchase customer-friendly and to encourage the private sector corporations.


We are fully dedicated to our work. We are always trying to meet the expectations of our customers with the best quality services.

Why Soft Touch is unique as corresponded to others?

 Reliable Sourcing partnersReliability simply means trust. So, we are always dedicated to our partners. We constantly try to provide our partners with the best quality present in the market. With the quality ensured we also tried to be fast with the services.

Exemplary After-sales partners: To monitor the health of the relationship between supplier and buyer, after-sales are very significant. This is the only way we can build our loyal customer base. After-sales determines whether the person who buys this time comes to buy again for the next time or not.

Most Trusted shippers: The purchase not only decides that the products are good but the services provided with that also determine. Sometimes we see that the products shipped are damaged, not matched to ordered ones, and a lot more. In that case, it becomes so hectic for the customer to deal with. Apply for a return and then wait for the new one to arrive. So, our goal is to provide our customers with the best products for the very first time.

All in one it’s Infrastructure Supplier: IT has lots of hardware and software included in it. So, it becomes impossible to arrange all that stuff by a person who doesn’t even have a little knowledge of it. So, there it is considered good to have all stuff ready by only one individual. In that case, we are the best, we have all range of IT Products like Cables, routers, access points, cabinets, data center, adapters, computer parts, TV units, Headphones or all the stuff belongs to this industry. With this, we also have products that belong to all the big industries in the world like Apple, Samsung, HP, etc.

 NO.1 Suppliers in Dubai free zone: With the tag of reliability, we are also specialists in providing you with the products of the greatest brands around the world. We are the best suppliers for Apple Dubai, UAE, and as well as considered Best JBL Wholesalers in Dubai, UAE. This is all because of our loyal customer base with work professional family fellows.

So, all and all if you looking for any such IT work in Dubai, UAE then you can contact us any time. We are always there to help you out with your stuff.


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