Priyanshi Bhatia Makes Her Village Proud with Best Dance Prize

The girls of Himachal continue to make their state proud of their achievements. It is now proven that there are endless hidden jewels hidden in the houses here and they are now showing their talents. This is all the more made prominent with recent incident with Priyanshi Bhatia, the aspiring dancer.

About Priyanshi Bhatia

Priyanshi real name is Priyanka. She is a resident of village Bathri of Una district of Himachal Pradesh was recently awarded the prestigious best dance prize by the Honorable MLA of Himachal Pradesh Mr, Mukesh Agnihotri. Later she was also given Rs. 5100 as cash prize by the MLA as well who came to her house in the village to award her.


Her Dreams

Daughter of Haripal Bhatia and Santosh Kumari, Priyanka is 18 years old studying in class 12. She has been carrying on with her passion for dance from early childhood along with her education, and that devotion towards the art form has bestowed her recognition in such your age only. Recently she had participated in a number of dance competitions which ultimately resulted in the achievement of being the best dancer in the competition. Hence the price was there.

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An ardent lover of different dance forms, Priyanka takes Remo D Souza as her inspiration for her and wants to be like him in her later life. All the good wishes for Priyanka.

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