Top 10 Best Tasting Peach Varieties in The World

Peach is a very sweet and mouthwatering fruit. You can eat them raw, baked, broiled, and grilled or sautéed, and also you can add easily with warm or cold dishes alike. In most of the temperate countries of the world, it is grown as a commercial and home-based fruit. Amongst the stone fruits peach maintains a good position and also referred to as 3rd most important temperate fruit in India. Not only in India, but peach is also available in various countries of the world with different peach varieties.

What is Peach Varieties?

Then, peaches come in a wide range of peach varieties. Out of the varieties of peaches, each of them may be classified as clingstone, freestone, or semi-freestone / semi-clingstone. With new technology in agricultural science and regular crossbreed process by scientists, currently, more than two thousand different types of peaches are available in the world. This is enhancing the existing strains to develop better tasting, more disease-resistant, and fast growth. Taste is more important than nutritional value. So, here we will describe the Top 10 best tasting peach varieties in the world.

Those are-

#1.  Red Haven

Red Haven is one of the most sweetest and popular peaches in the world. Its standard considers as the gold standard in yellow peaches.

#2. Contender

With bright red over yellow skin, the Contender peach is an average-size mid-season freestone fruit that has a moderate amount of fuzz. It’s very juicy and tender and will melt in your mouth when eaten the yellow flesh of the fruit.

#3. Honey Babe

The Honey Babe is another popular dwarf type of peach tree. With a deep red blush and a yellow skin, the tree produces fuzzy mid to large freestone fruit. You can take this with fruit medleys or raw also.

#4. Madison

It is a hybrid variety of the Red Haven. It has the capability to resist the common peach tree diseases called Brown Rot. With red and yellow skin and orange-yellow flesh, it tastes good. You can take this fresh and you can freeze or canning.

#5. Red Baron

The Red Baron peach is very popular not only for peach but also for its pink and red flowers, which appear in the early spring for several weeks. Your search of Peach orchard near me (peach picking near me) ends here. It’s juicy, and sweet with less amount of acidity.

#6. Coconut Ice peach

In white peaches, the Coconut Ice peaches are very unique. With their white flesh and coconut honey flavors, it tastes very good after ripe. It’s better to freezing peaches, so place them in the fridge and enjoy it.

#7. Arctic Supreme

It is a very aromatic peach; the taste is sharp and sweet. Excellent for fresh eating and desserts, the Arctic Supreme will usually need to be consumed or frozen within a few days of picking. It is not suitable for Canning peaches.

#8. Ice

It’s also called the Ghiaccio. The outer side is cream color and the flesh is mostly pure white, exceptionally sweet, and only slightly juicy.

#9. Donut

The shape looks like a donut without a hole so it called. The flesh color is cream-like and very juicy and has honey sweetness. This peach is also known as Flat, Saturn, Chinese, Jupiter, Sweetcap, and Saucer in different parts of the world.

#10.  Indian Blood

If you think that Peach picking near me, then this type of peach is mostly found in the US specialty market. The Indian Blood has a semi-sweet, fairly tart taste, and is often canned them.


Peaches are rich in many vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. They are easily making a place in a variety of dishes and may offer impressive health benefits, including healthier skin, fewer allergy symptoms, and improved digestion and heart health. Just add to your diet and stay healthy.


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