8 Interesting Ideas to Enjoy the New year at Home With your Family & Friends
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8 Most Interesting Ideas to Enjoy the New year at Home With your Family and Friends

The very first day of the year and the day which everyone wants the day to go well. The first day of the year is very important for everyone as they know that what the day means to them. As it is said in our mythological stories if you are going to start with a positive note then things are going to go with the flow. Today I Have brought some of the ideas for you and your families to enjoy the first night or day of the new year 2021. As the year 2020 was not so good for everyone, some lost their jobs, some their lifestyle, and lots of other bad things. So, now it’s the time to head start your new year with a positive note and try to do something great in the new year. Let’s start to talk about the ideas;

#1. Party with the friends and family on the rooftop:

You can invite your friends to your home and arrange a themed party like say pajamas party. You can plan a night out at the roof and arrange some food and drinks

, and enjoy your whole night talking to each other. You can also arrange barbeque on the roof with some soft music to enjoy. This is the best thing that you can do at the home with your family and friends. You can also play some games with them. This is going to be the best start for your new year as this gives the right vibes to you.

If you are not a night-out person or you don’t have friends at your place then there also some of the ideas that you can enjoy by yourself.

#2. Make a Memory board of the years best moments:

This is the best way to remind the good moments of the years. This is also the way to take off your photos from the computer screen and the phones.

This helps you to make you ready for the next upcoming year and make some new such memories. You can make these boards in one of the recommended ways and these are:

1.Pallet Collage,

2.Beach Wood Arrangement,

3.Magnetic Board, and

4.Photo Ladder.

So, let’s pic the best moments of the year for the frame.

#3. Enjoy your favorite movie with the bowl of popcorns:

One of the best ways to chill out the last night of the year and the first day of the new year. What you can do is that you can arrange one room where you are going to place a setup for the movie. Then also resting place for the whole family or you. Then get everything of your choice with you like drinks, food and all. After you are done with all the stuff you are ready to enjoy the show.

#4. Prepare some food with your friends:

You can also prepare some food with your friends and give it the feel of your friendship. During preparing the food you can also talk to each other about those talks which you haven’t shared with anyone yet. This makes your bond stronger or this gives you the strength to start the year leaving all the regret in the back year.

#5. Go on Little Walk:

One very beautiful thing that you can do is that you can go on a little walk with the person whom you want for your whole life. And explain this thing to him during the walk. This may possible you are going to get the surprising gift of the era. So, you can arrange a walk on the streets near your house.

#6. Arrange Treasure Hunt:

A very interesting way to enjoy yourself with your mates. You can hunt the treasures in the house by giving some clues to your friends and the one who is going to find the treasure first will be the winner of the game. You can play this game in two teams. And the team who loses going to do one thing for the other team. This can be a fun play for everyone with you.

#7 Enjoy the beautiful view of the sky:

This is the best thing for people who live in high city areas. They can enjoy the night on their roofs and enjoy the stars by talking to each other. Discussing the things that what they are going to do in the new year and what they think about, how their future going to be.

#8. Arrange treat and gift for yourself:

The very beautiful idea of giving a gift to yourself for such hard work. This is the best thing that you can do to. You can thank yourself for not letting down while the tuff times. One more thing that you can do is arrange some gift for those people who helped you all the time when you needed them.

So, these are some of the things that you can enjoy while entering the new year.

But if you are not a home person then you can plan a visit to some hill station in Himachal like Manali, Kasol and Shimla where the day is celebrated as a big fare. Besides all these things I suggest one thing, make a list of works that you have done wrong in the previous year and try to make them right in this year. Say sorry for every mistake you have in this year and enter the new year with a refreshed mood.

So, I hope that this year brings cheer to everyone’s life and you are going to get every happiness for which you are compatible and we, the team of Himachal Pradesh Times wish you a very very Happy New year. And wishes that you are doing well in your world.


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