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Top Colleges in Himachal with their Preferred Domains

With the evolution of time, the meaning of education and knowledge is changing. Education has different-different meanings for different-different people. Some like to study for knowledge some for job placement and some for passion. Based on all such suggestions, education is classified into different-different fields. As it is clear from the heading that today’s topic is based on education. The part of the education I am going to talk about is Higher studies.

So, based on the suggestions of some great philosophers the education system is divided into three main streams like science, arts, and management. And based on these fields the categories are further subdivided. So, our main motto is to provide knowledge of some of the great institutions in Himachal Pradesh where you can pursue your higher studies. So let’s start with the science and the tech part.

1.Science and Tech.

The field is generally related to engineering studies and the scientific part which mainly includes research-related matters. Under this stream, you can pursue Medicals, Tech giants, and many other scientific fields. Some of the best institutes to pursue further your studies in Himachal are:

  • IIT Mandi (Indian Institute of Technology)

One of the best places to study not in Himachal only but also north India for higher studies in the tech field. The institute is present in the town of Mandi which is also known for its beauty too. The institute is brilliant as they used to say that;


Teamwork is the key to success, so we are preparing our teachers to mix up with students to understand their ways f understanding and then explain them most understandably. That’s the tagline by the institute. And I think that these words are enough to understand the level of education here.

  • Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla (IGMC, Shimla)

The best medical institute in the state of Himachal with a max average fee structure of 60,000 per semester (for MBBS), which is generally a very low cost for such level of studies. The institute was established in the year 1966 for the studies of local students but with the increase of times, the number of students starts increasing. And also the campus grows with time making it one of the best medical institutes in Himachal Pradesh. If you want to pursue any of the courses in medical science then you can opt for it from here.

  • NIT Hamirpur, (National Institute of Technology)

One of the best institutes for engineering in India as it ranked in the list of top 60 tech colleges in the NIRF Ranking from the previous last two years. The university was started as a regional college but the passing times and the growth of the university make it easier to grasp the symbolism of the deemed university tag of NIT. The institute was included in this list in the year 2002. The university also started many schemes to support students for their future like the Webinars and startup pushes, etc.

2.Humanities and Management Institutes:

After talking about the field of science we have two more very essential fields that are arts and the management section. These fields are also as important as science and medics. The fields are specially made to cover the social parts of society. As this is very important to get the knowledge of society. The fields of arts include arts itself, Drawing, Philosophy, Psychology, Designing clothes, etc. all types of such streams come under the arts. And on the other hand, the Field of management includes all the streams that are helpful to manage the things in society. The very important thing about the fields is that all the fields depend on each other. So, let’s talk about management and humanities institutes.

  • HPU, Shimla (Himachal Pradesh University)

One of the stunning places for pursuing studies in the field of management and arts. As the institute ranks in the top 50 institutes of India for management.

The institute is a non-profit organization located on the hills of Shimla. It was established in the year 1970. The fields available to students in HPU are science, law, management, and arts. You can pursue any of the provided course here. The best thing about the university is that the university is doing well continuously for the last three years. The university provides nearly all types of programs, which is the best thing for the locals and also for the seekers.  So, HPU can be the best choice for you if you want to go for higher studies in Himachal.

  • International Centre For Distance Education And Open Learning, Shimla (ICDEOL)

This is an institute started as for the need for those students who are not able to attend college. So, they can access all those courses by the online way at their convenience and that’s the need of present times. This Online learning platform is started under the University of Himachal Pradesh (HPU). This Is the need of present times too.

Besides all these institutes there are many private institutions present in Himachal Pradesh that are known for their good grip in the education sector. If you like those you can pursue your studies from there. Some of the best private institutes are Shoolini University( One of the most emerging private universities in north India.), Arni University, Kangra ( also a good choice if you are comfortable), MMU Solan, Shimla University, etc.

These are all about the institutes if you want more assistant then you can also search it on google too. But the only thing is that once you pursue studies in any of the colleges then the only thing you have to do is to work upon your skills and try to refine them accord to your future goals. Then only you will be going to achieve success.



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