Extinct Species : How Many Species Have Gone Extinct World Wildlife
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Extinct Species : How Many Species Have Gone Extinct World Wildlife

There are some species of animals have totally vanished from the earth.they are no more to be seen anywhere. Such species are called extinct species.

How Many Species Have Gone Extinct

2.) DODO
7.) Spix macow

Dinosaurs are from the group of reptiles.they lived on earth for approximately 245 million years.they get extinct 65 million years ago. Because they survive many years on earth and have very large population with several species so,there are many reasons for their extinction like due to volcanic eruption which caused drastic change in earth’s climate, meteorite crash on earth,diseases which caused death or may be imbalancing in food chain etc.



It is a large, flightless and harmless bird. It was discovered in 1500s. They are only found in the mauritius(an island in India ocean). They get extinct because humans hunted them in large numbers and their eggs were also eaten by the other animals due to this their population get decreased rapidly. The last dodo was killed in 1981.

#Carolina parakeet

They are very energetic, social and noisy bird. They cries loudly while flying which can be heard from miles away. They are herbivores. Humans are more responsible for their extinction because they hunted them for their beautiful features and the deforestation also affected their lives but due to their small size they were killed by many other big birds. The last flock was found in Florida in 1920.


#Caspian tiger

Caspian tigers are very large tigers. Their fur were of golden-yellow colour with brown and brownish-red stripes. They has been extinct in early 1970s firstly due to hunting for selling their parts or for protecting humans by their attack secondly loss of habitat due to agricultural development and thirdly food shortage because of unregulated hunting of their preys.

#Irish deer

It is also known as irish elk and giant deer.It is one of the largest deer species on earth till now. They went extinct because of their antler were very large and heavy which is hard for them to hold their weight and manage them. Humans have also hunted them.


Quagga was found in South Africa.It is mixture or both zebra and horse but it is more closely related to zebra. It is a species of zebra that only has stripes on its head and plane body. It has been extinct since 1883 because quagga was extensively hunted, as it competed with domesticated animals for forage and due to some natural causes also.

#Spix’s macow

Spix’s macow is a species of parrot which has blue-gray plumage, bright blue wings and tail, and an ash-blue crown. It can live for 20-30 years.It is one of the rarest bird in the world due to this they get trapped by poachers and they sell them in large amount of money.which has been considered as extinct in 2000 and there are approximately 177 captive individuals on earth only.

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