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Islamabad SAARC summit cancelled

After India’s decision to stay away from the SAARC this year followed by Bangladesh,Bhutan and Afganistan.Finally a confirmation came from the the Nepal current chair of the the SAARC, that SAARC 2016 is cancelled that was to held in Islamabad this year.Besides India other four countries also concerned over the issue of terrorism. After Uri attack in India, the Indian government tries to pressurized Pakistan diplomatically, other SAARC  countries also support India and tries to built pressure on Pakistan to stop being a heaven to the terrorists.


Recent terrorist attack in Bangladesh also rises tensions between two countries. This tension leads to the executions of various high profile political war criminals in 1971 war.

Afganistan also concern over the support of various terrorist groups like Taliban and Haqqani group from Pakistan side. These groups are spreading terror and destabilizing the country.

The Royal Government of Bhutan also shares the concern over the other members not attending SAARC summit.

Now the future of the SAARC will depend upon the cooperation from Pakistan.


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