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Symbols will not elections in 2017

Symbols municipal elections while hearing a petition seeking the removal of the EC pointed out that the Delhi High Court in 2017 municipal elections, I will put up candidates in the EVMs. Commission lawyer told the court assured that a notification has been issued and the project is being worked on. EVMs and ballot papers to the court for candidates in municipal elections, I was hearing the petition sought.


The next hearing will be on January 19. The petition filed by Sanjana Gehlot. According to the petitioner’s counsel haragyaan Singh Gehlot, Delhi Municipal Corporation Act and Article 9 A local bodies such as municipal, panchayat elections etc. symbol (symbol) is not required. The government amended the constitution in 2012, a symbol reserved for large parties has At the last hearing, the High Court in this case the government, Lt. Governor, by giving notice to the Centre and the EC sought a response.

During Wednesday’s hearing, counsel for the corporation elections, political parties in government to remove the symbol sought some more time to file a reply to the appeal. The High Court has accepted. The petition claimed that the corporation elections political parties Symbol EVM be unconstitutional. Corporations do not need it in the elections. In the Court to issue directions to remove it immediately


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