8% Interest on FDS for senior Citizens, says Narendra Modi
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8% Interest on FDS for senior Citizens, says PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday declared that the legislature would give the discount of three and four percent on financing costs to the general population who look for credits to construct their homes in 2017.

Narendra Modi

Most recent news on PM Modi’s discourse today:

• Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a plan to give pregnant ladies money related guide of Rs 6,000 as a feature of endeavors to cut down the maternal death rate.

• 8% enthusiasm up to Rs 7.5 lakh store by senior nationals guaranteed: PM

• “For senior natives, we have chosen that up to the measure of Rs 7.5 lakh in settled stores for a long time, they would get the loan cost of eight for every penny,” Modi said

• Govt to guarantee advance for little brokers up to Rs 2 crore: PM Modi

• 3% intrigue waiver on advance up to Rs 2 lakh for development of houses in provincial India, under PM Awas Yojana: PM


• “To make the general population of the white collar class and the poor to purchase or manufacture their homes, the legislature has conveyed to plans under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana,” Modi said in his delivery to the country on New Year’s Eve.

• He said a concession of four for every penny will be given to those take a credit of up to Rs 9 lakh and three percent on Rs 12 lakh.

• The Prime Minister likewise said that the legislature would likewise manufacture 33 for every penny more houses in the towns under the Pradhan Mantri Grameen Awas Yojana.

• Modi likewise said that the individuals who need to change their building or houses would get three for each penny concession on credit of up to Rs 2 lakh.

• “In the nation, just 24 lakh individuals acknowledge that their pay is more than Rs 10 lakh. Can anyone acknowledge it,” Modi said in his delivery to the country on New Year’s Eve.

• “We all observe enormous structures and autos around us. In the huge urban areas, one can discover many individuals with more than Rs 10 Lakh salary,” he said.

• The Prime Minister said this battle for genuineness should have been fortified: “It is common to examine what will happen with the degenerate. Law will take its own particular course.”

• 3 crore Kisan Visas will be changed to RuPay Visas for ranchers, says PM

• Home credits for poor and white collar class individuals up to Rs 9 lakh will get 4 % exclusion on intrigue and up to Rs 12 lakh will get 3 % exception: PM

• “The government has chosen to defer 60-days premium waiver for credits taken by ranchers who have taken advances from region co-agent banks and co-agent societies for the Rabi sowing season,” the Prime Minister said in his delivery to the country.

• “The cost of the 60-day intrigue waiver will be specifically exchanged to the ranchers’ account.”

• As vast measure of cash have been kept, I ask banks to take activities, dispatch plans remembering poor and white collar class individuals: PM

• 60 days premium waiver for homestead credits taken from community banks: Modi

• All streets for the exploitative have been shut: Modi

• There have been reports of a couple enjoying defilement, these individuals won’t be saved: PM Modi.

• Bank representatives, powers alongside individuals have done model work: PM

• According to information, just 24 lakh individuals in the nation have proclaimed that their compensation is above Rs 10 lakh under Income Tax: PM

• Foundation of a splendid future has been laid through their sweat and drudge: PM

• The issues which the general population have confronted for the improvement of the nation is a case in itself: PM Modi

• Modi cites Iqbal, says ‘Kuch Baat hai ki hasti mit ti Nahi humari’

• After Diwali, our nation took an essential choice to control dark cash which will have long-haul benefits: PM Modi

• PM Modi starts his delivery to the country

• PM Modi to start his delivery to the country at 7:30 pm

• This will be his second delivery to the country since his declaration in a comparable delivers on November 8 to scrap Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes.

While declaring the historic point choice, he had requested that the general population give 50 days for moving it out.

Against this background, the Prime Minister may talk about the guide ahead, particularly on the means to facilitate the income that has been a noteworthy issue as far back as demonetization occurred.

He may likewise talk about the means to manage the issues the economy confronts after the demonetization.


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