Protest In Chamba : Sexual Harassment by Teacher
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Protest In Chamba : Sexual Harassment by Teacher

MP Anurag Thakur of Bhartiya Janata Party accused the Government of Himachal Pradesh of the worsening law and order in the State on Tuesday. MP’s remarks come against the incident of the sexual harassment of a minor school girl in Chamba District. “It is miserable to witness the current law and order situation in the state. The number of a girl raped

has risen exponentially, and the situation is alarming for girls and women at large,” said MP Anurag Thakur in a release.


The schoolgirl rape and murder case in Shimla followed by the case in Chamba has left the public of Himachal Pradesh in dismay. BJP leader claimed that the people had lost faith in the state machinery as because due to the failure of Government and cops in handling the Shimla case.

“This ultimate failure of the state government is encouraging the corrupt as they think they can get away with any crime as the state is unable to act swiftly and efficiently, Anurag said.

The government of Himachal Pradesh today said after a meeting of a peace committee, that the issue in Chamba has resolved.

Deputy Commissioner of Chamba, Sudesh Mokhtar said, “A peace march was also taken out.”

“Touching a woman without her consent doesn’t make you a strong man, it makes you coward.”


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