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Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World

The annual highlights report from the World Tourism Organization shows that International arrivals of tourists have increased by 7% over the past ten years. The majority of the 1,326 million people are in Europe (51%), followed by Asia and the Pacific (24%). The peak amount of money made from tourism was $1,340 billion, split between the economies of Asia, Europe, the Pacific, and America.

You can see on the map that Asia and the Pacific are narrowing the gap with a sharp rise in tourist arrivals, despite the fact that Europe still leads in both tourist numbers and subsequent spending. France and Spain are at the top of the list, according to a revised tweet from the United Nations Agency in July 2019.

It’s interesting to note that the Middle East, where expenditure has increased by a staggering 13%, has emerged as a significant competitor in the paid experience market. However, freshly revised data reveals that at the end of last year, China has overtaken other countries in terms of spectacular growth to take the top spot for international tourism spending.

Now here we are continuing with the top 10 most visited countries in the world.

1. France: 90 Million Visitors – With a record-breaking 89 million visitors in 2019, France is the most visited country in the world!

France wears its culture in both famous landmarks and everyday situations. It is patched up with lovely villages and mesmerising cities. Few people have the audacity to cover everything in gold, yet the nation’s regal castles, palaces, and cathedrals manage grandiose design with a casualness attributed to its long centuries of royal past. The daily ritual of a coffee and croissant portrays a refined kind of luxury, as do the marketplaces in the town squares, the café patios, and the markets themselves. From its incredibly attractive towns and rural areas to its vibrant metropolis and incredibly rich cultural legacy; there is so much to explore in France. Not to mention, France produces some of the world’s top wines and foods. It makes sense why so many people keep returning for more.

There are many attractions to discover in France, including the magnificent Palace of Versailles and the famed Eiffel Tower. Additionally, there is always something new to learn about the nation due to its rich history and culture. France is also accessible from virtually anywhere in the world because of its ideal placement in the centre of Europe.

Attractions of France:

  • Eiffel Tower,
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Chamonix, Mont St-Michel
  • French Riviera,
  • Paris Bridges.

2. Spain: 84 Million Visitors

Spain, a nation built for the good life, ignites passion. Spain takes second place among the nations with the most visitors to the world, perhaps for this reason.

Take an epic road trip travelling from Barcelona to Madrid to catch glimpses of Spain’s timeless scenery. Before departing for the enigmatic Alhambra in Granada or the flamenco palaces of Seville, congregate around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and peruse the experimental creations of Gaudi.


In the north, Bilbao and San Sebastian are also available to satisfy your hunger with mouthwatering pintxos and cutting-edge architecture. Spain has gained a lot of attention for its pristine beaches that have earned the blue flag, its climate, its year-round holiday atmosphere, its active atmosphere, and its historical atmosphere. For millennia, this majestic nation has served as the birthplace of several civilizations.

Attractions of Spain:

  • Park Guell,
  • El Retiro,
  • La Familia Sagrada
  • The Alhambra,
  • Mallorca’s beaches
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Real Alcazar, etc.

3. United States: 79 Million Visitors

Due to the size of sprawling cities and the attractiveness of little towns, America has long been a favourite travel destination. Every year a huge number of travellers visit the United States. America’s limitless motorways are a siren’s pull with travel trends shifting toward city hopping and road travelling.

There are also miles of beautiful jungles, country lanes, and the Grand Canyon’s peaceful heat. Jazz, hip-hop, country, rock, and pop music can be heard on the radio while you navigate this jumble of sights. It receives a sizable number of tourists annually because it is one of the most significant and developed nations in the modern world. The USA is one of the most stunning and fascinating countries to tour, with everything from pure and lovely beaches to a rich and natural scenery of mountains and forests. Whether you go alone or with friends or family or relatives, USA Tourism has a lot to offer, and it will be well worth your time and money.

Attractions of the United States

  • New York City
  • Arizona National Parks and Monuments
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • New Orleans,
  • Grand Canyon,
  • Miami beaches, etc.

4. China: 66Million Visitors

China is so big and so diverse in its existence that it is hard to represent both. this inescapable characteristic is what draws people towards China every year. Make time for China’s breathtaking scenery after visiting the contemporary shopping centres and museums stuffed with artefacts. Don’t forget to visit the meandering rivers of Yangshuo, the urban jungle of Hong Kong, the haunting deserts of Mongolia, and Qinghai Lake’s floral crown.

Perhaps it would be wiser to explore the Forbidden City in Beijing, which is home to many ancient mysteries, or perhaps to look for Shanghai’s secret speakeasies. Even if you come to this country for its beauty, you will want to stay here for the food, because of China’s diverse culinary traditions, which allow for the enjoyment of any food.

Attractions of China:

  • Great Wall
  • Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors,
  • Forbidden City
  • Shanghai’s French Concession,
  • Le Shan’s Grand Buddha,
  • Li River, etc.

5. Italy: 65 Million visitors

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Italy is the fourth most lucrative destination for tourists and the fifth most visited country in the world. It is simple to understand why Italy continues to be a very popular tourist destination.

Since ancient times, tourists have travelled to Italy to take in its stunning scenery, vibrant culture, and a treasure trove of art and history. Not to mention, try some of the mouthwatering culinary treats. Italy has plenty of things to offer for every person’s preferences and interests.

Italy, home to some of the most renowned artists in the world, has a large collection of exquisite paintings, statues, and other works of art. Some of the most famous and remarkable works of Italian art include Byzantine structures, the frescoes of Padua, Michelangelo’s David, and the most important of Da Vinci’s creations.

Every year, thousands of tourists come to Italy only for its scenic beauty. It is blessed with not only one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines but also breathtaking mountains and farmland.

Due to historically significant eras like the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, cultural artefacts may be found all around the nation.

Attractions of Italy:

  • Tuscany’s Vineyards,
  • Roman Forum,
  • Peter’s Basilica,
  • Tuscany’s Vineyards

6. Turkey: 51 Million Visitors– You will encounter an extraordinary diversity of the natural world, culture, history, beliefs, and ideas in Turkey. Turkey is full of awe-inspiring natural beauty, historical and archaeological monuments, the hotel and tourism industry that are constantly improving, and the tradition of hospitality. Turkey’s rise to the sixth-most visited nation in the world is therefore not surprising.

Turkey’s national industry is tourism. Turkey is concentrating on both inbound and outward travel, offering top-notch amenities at extremely reasonable prices. Turkey has significantly boosted its tourism industry in recent years by adopting novel ideas for popularising the location and going all out in important markets throughout the world.

Turkey’s strategically significant location and geographical setting at the intersection of Europe and Asia have elevated the country in the eyes of international travellers. With a combination of well-known locations and undiscovered jewels that have been drawing tourists from all over the world, Turkey is quickly rising to the top of the list of popular travel destinations.

There is something for everyone in Turkey, from the gorgeous architecture, history, and incredible buildings of Istanbul to the pristine beaches of Antalya, hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, salt baths in Pamukkale, or paragliding at Turquoise Coast in Fethiye.

Attractions of Turkey:

  • Sulaymaniyah Mosque
  • Bergama Acropolis
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Aya Sofya,
  • Nemrut Dagi National Park
  • Caves of Heaven and Hell, etc.

7. Mexico: 45 Million Visitors

It is simple to understand why people adore Mexico. Mexico has so much to offer, from its breathtakingly beautiful beaches to its friendly and welcoming people.

Mexico is a popular travel destination due to its delectable cuisine, rich culture, and fervent sense of pride. Mexico attracts tourists from all over the world who are curious about what makes it such a stunning country.

Many visitors fall in love with Mexico and wish to purchase a second home there.

Many tourists who visit Mexico for vacation end up wishing to invest in a second property in the idyllic country. One trip and they are already in love with the nation. Consequently, a lot of foreigners seeking to buy a second house in Mexico. Many foreigners can escape their lives in colder regions by owning a holiday house in Mexico. The atmosphere is friendly, laid-back, and pleasant from the moment they come off the plane. There is always something exciting to do if you enjoy outdoor activities thanks to the great climate all year long. Not to mention, the cuisine is fantastic. Mexico offers a variety of cuisines, whether you like authentic street tacos or fine dining.

Attractions of Mexico:

  • Cabo Pulmo,
  • Palenque Ruins
  • Tulum,
  • Palacio de Bellas Artes,
  • Oaxaca City
  • Etc.

8. Thailand: 39.7 Million Visitors

With 39.8 million visitors a year, Thailand is the eighth most visited country in the world as of the arrival of visitors in 2019. This stunning paradise in Southeast Asia is well-known for its vibrant culture, Thai massages, Muay Thai, and delectable variety of cuisine.

Thailand attracts tourists, digital nomads, and other travellers with its bustling streets in Bangkok and spectacular rock pillars at Railey Beach. This stunning nation truly has it all, whether you’re looking for excitement, relaxation, or a combination of the two. Additionally, it is still a reasonably priced gateway.

Thailand provides fantastic opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving if you’re looking for aquatic enjoyment. Unbelievably for a country as tourist-heavy as Thailand, you may still find yourself marvelling at a beautiful array of vibrant fish and coral reefs by yourself in numerous places. Additionally, by visiting the ruins of a few of Thailand’s former kingdoms, you can travel back in time. Two of Central Thailand’s most known historical sites are Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Attractions of Thailand:

  • Grand Palace
  • Erawan National Park,
  • Wat Pho,
  • Phuket region
  • Chiang Mai, etc.

9. Germany: 39.5 Million Visitors

Germany is among the nations with the most tourists in the world, receiving 39 million visitors annually. Germany offers a lot to explore with its bustling capital city of Berlin, the Rhine Valley’s fantasy castles, and the quaint towns and villages of the Black Forest. A key component of the German economy, tourism supports millions of employment. Beginning in Berlin, which is renowned for its nightlife, historic sites, and creative arts is the preferred option for most first-time visitors to Germany. The yearly Oktoberfest beer festival, on the other hand, draws a lot of tourists to Munich. It’s little wonder Germany is so well-liked by tourists— it’s a diverse travel destination with excellent transportation connections to the rest of Europe.

Attractions of Germany:

  • Schloss Neuschwanstein
  • Pergamon Museum
  • Zwinger
  • Kolner Dom, etc.

10. United Kingdom: 36 Million visitors

As the tenth-largest tourist destination in the world with over 36 million visitors in 2019, tourism is a significant sector and economic contributor in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom, an island nation in northwest Europe, is made up of the four nations of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The country is actually endowed with a rich past and cultural diversity in addition to being full of scenic beauty and environment in its unadulterated state. The old-world charm seen in its quaint villages and lovely and peaceful countryside contrasts sharply with the entertaining modernism of cities like London, Glasgow, and Manchester. You can be completely in awe of the location.

A large part of the United Kingdom’s attractiveness can be attributed to its magnificent cultural history and varied landscape. In addition to rejuvenating you from the inside out with nature’s healing touch, the fascinating museums, exquisite galleries, architecturally rich landmarks, and age-old churches will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the nation’s past. The United Kingdom is endowed with a wealth of attractions that are dispersed around the nation and exude both rustic and modern beauty.

Attractions of the United Kingdom:

  • Westminster Abbey,
  • Edinburgh Castle,
  • Buckingham Palace,
  • Stonehenge,
  • Northumberland,
  • Roman Baths, etc.


So, this is a thorough list of the nations that receive the most travellers. The top 10 destinations for travel and exploration.It is not surprising that a variety of attractions such as breathtaking vistas, year-round fun, historical treasures, and unique food entice tourists towards these countries.

It makes sense that travellers are compelled to visit nations with intense cultural attractions in an age where unique experiences are sought after. Book your flights right away if you long for adventure and a mind-blowing cultural immersion!


Which is the number 1 most visited country in the world?

France is the most visited nation in the world, receiving about 89 million tourists per year.

Which country is best for tourism?

Italy, Spain, Australia, France, Greece, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Thailand- all these countries are ideal for tourism.

What is the prettiest country in Asia?

Vietnam, The Philippines, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Maldives, Jordan, and Japan- are some of the prettiest Asian countries.

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