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Do you Know Everything is Unique?

Today I’m going to tell you that you are so unique, person.

1. You have a unique problem.

No one has those same problems for example:-you have health challenges that are so unique and then only you can understand. No one can’t relate to them. Because this problem is yours only you know that how you face these problems? How much trouble in solve this problem only you know no one can’t understand your problems!

Do you know why?

Because you are unique your problems are also unique. Just try to overcome these problems of yours. They will test you and make you a strong and better person.

My next Example is: – one day you have given an exam in the examination hall that time you have pain in your hand and you are disabled to write an answer. And you told your teacher but your teacher thinks that you make excuse and she doesn’t understand. Do you know why? Because it is your unique problem only you can understand. These unique problems and makes you unique.

My next reasons convince you that you are absolutely unique.

2. You have a unique story.

In your life. Everyone has a story your story is not similar to anybody else. Maybe its story is good or bad. For Example: – you fail in something. You failed your 10th board exam. When you fail that time you are totally disturbed and you again started study for 10thclass this story is an inspiring story only for you only you learn something good thing in these stories and you are become strong. Right! Your friend does not become strong for this story. Because only you suffering from this story.


Don’t compare your unique story to another. You are unique that’s why your story is also unique. So make soured that you have your own unique style.

Next Example: – Maybe your first time fail in love. Maybe you got heartbroken and your story is not similar to another story only you know how to feel when you got heartbroken. Just stop trying to explain your pain to another person. No one can’t understand because it’s your unique story only you can understand your pain.

Sometimes people say that I understand you but the reality is that they do not understand like you your story. Maybe just a formality they say that. Know to tell me one thing would you compare an apple to an orange? Of course not. Suppose that you have left your one leg in childhood and you became lame. Nobody can’t understand only you know how to adjust? How many problems you face each mint. Because you are you and another is another.

3. You have a unique interest.

Everyone has interested. You should find out your interest. And there is no one without interest in the whole universe. If you are interested in something its interest is yours. You must develop it.

Ex: – some people don’t like study they don’t have interested in education. It’s ok it’s not a big issue. But still, they can do another thing with it. Because of her/ him interest in that work like cooking, dancing, painting, etc., some people reading the storybook and lots of people seeing, listen to a story, fact with him/her elder or grandfather or grandmother.

My knowledge is considered that education is very important for everyone. But education is not everything because it only increases your knowledge. It does not give you experience. Experience the thing that you have done in your life the knowledge or skill that you got from seeing or doing something. Different people have different, different interests. Don’t ignore your unique interest. Maybe your’s interest makes you a successful person.

4. You have a unique talent.

Don’t confuse talent & interest they are totally different from each other.

Ex: – A man doing hard work but he didn’t achieve the success he has failed in their goal. Do you know why? Think about it .that person only doing hard work he has not done smart work and we need smart work both are main If hard work is everything so a coolie & labour become rich.

And I believe that you can change the world in a unique manner. That you can create value in a unique manner. Just think about it how much time and date you spent trying to figure out it. you must use to unique talent and change the world.

5. You have unique Ideas

Suppose that one day you have gone to your friend’s home for a party and you told to your father that I am going to study then suddenly your father has come and he saw that you are enjoying the party .you are not study and your father asks you what are you doing. Is it your study? That time you make many types of excuses and unique ideas.How to safe yourself from father’s scold this idea is yours.

Remember your school life when you forget to do your homework or bring your notebook with your self. But you came up with different excuses each time when the teacher asks you. Why you have forget?

How so! How can your ideas different from your friend’s ideas. Think! Is because you are unique and so your idea is also unique. So act on your unique idea and see the magic happens.

6. You have a unique solution

You have unique solutions. Every person has a unique solution these solutions has not matched another solution. Because is your own. And you have a unique mentality your way of thinking you have unique observation it’s depending on those people that him/her see anything in positive wat or negative way.


I would like to share a unique story. Have you heard the name of Colonel Harland Sanders? He is the owner of KFC (Kentucky friend Chicken) when he was only 5 years old, his father died leaving Sanders. He has more responsibility their family on him shoulder after his father’s died. When he was 16 years old he quit school and left home to go work. He was done many types of work but he was failed. By 17 age, he had already lost 4 jobs. By 18 ages, he got married and at 19 he had a daughter. Because of some issues by 20 his wife left him and took their baby daughter.

He was totally broken by heart but still, he was always continuing their trying. And between the ages of 22 and 23, he was a railroad conductor and failed. Many time he was failed by 40 age he used to selling chicken dishes in a service station four years later, he bought a motel which burned to the ground along with his restaurant yet this determine man rebuilt and ran a new motel until world war II forced him to close it down. He again started their business and Sander’s unique chicken recipe” was Coined “Kentucky Fried Chicken” and quickly became a hit.

Remember at age of 65 he was ready to commit suicide, by the age of 88, KFC made him a billionaire. At age of 90, Sanders passed away from pneumonia at the time, there ware around 6,000 KFC locations in 48 countries. By 2013 there were an estimated 18,000 KFC locations in 118 countries WOW.


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