Fumed Residents Protest Areas in Palampur Becomes a Dumping Region
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Fumed Residents Protest as Areas in Palampur Becomes a Dumping Region

Even after much planning, the campaign against the contamination of drinking water sources in the Palampur region could not be taken off. The issue was mainly in the satellite areas of the town and there the large quantity garbage dumps have created a very unhealthy environment with bad smells. In the Palampur town, Aima, Ghuggar, Lohana, and Bindravan are the biggest panchayats od the satellite areas and where the population is 40,000. It is easily imaginable that how much wastes wouild be accumulated on the garbage and how much bad odor it would create all over the area.



The Reason for the Campaign:

In the last ten years, there has been a rapid urbanization in this town and a result of that, plenty of housing colonies have come up. However, so far the drainage and garbage facilities are concerned, very little has been done in this matter. As a result, the residents have been facing issues on garbage disposal for a long time. It was much recently that the Palampur SDM have joined the panchayat meetings and where the municipal council officials, as well as the residents of the said regions as well as the NGOs, have been requested to make a proper plan to make the areas free of garbage and to make sure that the drinking water stays in the purest form.

The Reason for the Campaign Failure:

However, the campaign launch has failed due to a number of issues. When asked about the cause of failure, three of the panchayat pradhans have mentioned that the lack of proper funding for the campaign has caused the failure. Even after a door to door collection, they said, there was virtually no funding for the same. They panchayat pradhans have expressed their helplessness. However, the NGOs the Deputy Commissioner of Kangra are trying their best to spread the awareness.


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